Tuesday, February 19



Massively Multiplayer Online Games have been the main focus of game developers ever since World of Warcraft took the entire planet by storm, almost 15 years ago. Similarly to how the RPG genre has been intertwining and meddling in every other genre out there, the MMO playstyle seems to cover over 90% of the gaming industry today. If it is not available for online play, it is as if the game doesn’t exist.

Well, that’s not entirely true of course. There are many single player games, especially the oldies who are brought back and remastered for the mobile platform, but since 2005 and on the gaming developers’ main focus is massively multiplayer online play. This phenomenon is, of course, the natural extension of the very nature the internet has, and as it was designed to share information and connect people from all corners of the Earth, it is used with even greater delight to bring together gamers from all parts of the world.

Mobile MMO games are aplenty, probably above 90%, but as it is natural in all other aspects of life, quantity does not produce quality, and it has been a painful and unscrupulous treatment every new game goes through once developed and released. While there are countless aspects about which we could discuss and various criteria we could impose in order to pick the best games, I thought I could make the entire process simpler and just pick 5 games I liked playing in an MMO environment.

The top 5 mobile MMO games I liked playing and would like to include here are Legacy of Discord, Lineage 2, Crusaders of Light, Tree of Savior, and RuneScape.

My personal criteria for this list are only the necessary things I needed to include in order to bring you a list you could possibly work with, if you so wished. And, in this respect, I firstly accounted the state of popularity a certain MMO is at currently, because I doubt that many people would like to invest time, effort, and possibly money into an MMO game which is dead or dying. This means games that were once a fan favorite and even had an almost cult-like following, like Game of War, will not be included because GoW is currently all but extinguished since the ‘unburnable’ status, as players call it, was reachable for about $ 500 and the inflation of packs.

5. Legacy of Discord

This game features an action-packed, fast-paced gameplay and it was and remained a fan favorite. Its similarity to Diablo and its method of competition between players really exploited the MMO earning capability, bringing its developer, GTarcade, tons of income.

The game is still alive and played massively, which means it does have a certain appeal to keep people engaged for so long.

4. Lineage 2

Lineage is probably one of the most popular franchises in the world, and this is not only in MMOs. The graphics and the models are incredibly well rendered and look amazing. Right of the bat, I know this game will impress any player who values aesthetics, as well as flashy effects and looks.

Its gameplay is also quite good, while the mechanics are the same as in every standard action RPG dungeon crawler game. The game also features auto-quest completion, meaning it offers you the possibility to save time from farming, but in its essence this game is filled with fast-paced action and it is most fun when played directly.

3. Crusaders of Light

Crusaders of Light are actually even more demanding than Lineage, and you are going to need a strong phone if you want to run this with no problems and fully enjoy this game’s action. It is played in an open world, and while players have widely trash-talked its PvP mechanics, its PvE opportunities are quite good.

It even has some mechanics only big PC games utilize for mobile play once they transition, like Z-targeting. The best and highest point in the game is the boss fight, so if you enjoy raiding and love a game with diverse classes, Crusaders of Light is the right one for you.

2.  Tree of Savior

With its adorable and unique graphics and appearance, this game stands out by itself. It was notorious for its terrible optimization upon being launched, but since then the developers have improved on this and it is now deserving of its place in my top 5.

If you get past the bad rep of this game, the experience you and your friends might have when playing through this game as a group is priceless. But, the bad side of it is that it is a bit grind-based, and there is no automatic quest completion or any auto-play features.

1. RuneScape

This old-school game looks amazing on your mobile phone, and it features cross-platform capability, meaning you will be able to progress on a single account on all your devices which support Runescape. Deceptively simple, this game features the best UI I’ve ever seen, but it is a decently solved user interface in my opinion.

RuneScape features old-school game design, which is a good thing not only in my opinion but by many critics. One of the reasons I would think it is good is because the old design means the game is playable on weaker devices, and it will definitely have less ping, which is an important part of any MMO game. If you don’t know that, you are in the wrong place.