Top 5 Strategy Games for Mobile


As the year 2019 is well underway, we’ve had plenty of new strategy games for our mobile devices come our way. Some tried to up the visual game, some brought more in terms of raw content, and some even delighted the fans of the genre with some innovative features. It is definitely time for a new and revised list. Besides the fact that some older games still hold their value, several newcomers have proven up to the challenge and have made it on the list.

  1. Clash of Clans

This game can now freely be considered old and a cult classic, but it still hasn’t lost any of its potency and allure. The fans love the competitive side to it, which is probably what keeps it going still. The game brings Clan Wars in a multiplayer environment with a Viking-themed real-time strategy genre. Tons of fun still!

  1. Mobile Strike

Arguably one of the top earning games on built for mobile devices ever, in terms of its microtransactions, of course, Mobile Strike still has an enormously large and active community. People who don’t play the game probably mostly remember it by the cool advertisements featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, but the game has become a classic in all walks of life and has people from everywhere playing it.

  1. Titanfall: Assault

Titanfall: Assault iOS and Android game is a bit of a harder read, to say the least. It has upped the strategy game for mobile platforms enormously with its complexity, content, and sophisticated mechanics. It looks amazing and really feels like a genuine PC strategy game. It is set in the near future with modern warfare in all its glory.

  1. War Commander: Rogue Assault

This game simply looks and feels spectacular. It is definitely the one which resembles a full-on PC strategy video game and has the most alluring gameplay for strategy enthusiasts. It is an immersive strategy combat game with players battling in an online world. It delivers truly outstanding graphics, has massive content, numerous units, and endless gameplay possibilities.

  1. Plague.Inc

Plague Inc is a relatively old title for this list as the game came out in 2012, the same year Clash of Clans came about. However, instead of mainstream success like CoC, this game has slowly gathered its own following. It is a real-time strategy set in a world hit by a deadly plague virus. Its strategy gameplay revolves entirely in its basic interface with no combat whatsoever, which is why the game gets so immersive. You investigate, try and create, and lastly evolve a pathogen to heal mankind.