When playing a survival game, an average player will have two things on their mind… They will either want to experience what it would really be like to be stranded in a desolate environment, with nothing but wits and the will to survive, or they would just want a game where you blast your way through endless waves of monsters and zombies. Well, the next top 5 list reflects these two needs respectively, leaving room for some innovative games with perhaps a different take on the genre, so check it out.

The Survivor: Rusty Forest

The Survivor: Rusty Forest

This game will undoubtedly remind you of DayZ and Rust, but the gameplay style is actually really different, being kind of a mix, but ultimately a completely new game. Published by Starship Studio, The Survivor: Rusty Forest brings the player into a haunting and desolate Russian barren landscape. The environment alone doesn’t give this game its allure as much as the realistic survival gameplay manages to do so.

It features several really cool aspects, like your character’s body temperature, which if low and cold will prevent you from recovering your stamina, health, and cause many other problems as it would in reality.

Staying warm is not the only thing which will constantly be on the player’s mind, as the stomach bar indicates hunger, which you can imagine affects your gameplay even more so.

Otherwise, the gameplay style is pretty basic, making this game one of the first of its kind for iOS and Android. There were similar games before for mobile, but aside from its numerous interesting features, what separated The Survivor: Rusty Forest from the rest was the fact that once you die, you cannot respawn in your world, and you need to start over, making it a hardcore experience.

The Abandoned

The Abandoned

This first-person survival game was developed by Gaijin Distribution, and it features quite an engaging gameplay. The story actually doesn’t give us much at the start, just that suddenly a certain area of the world became isolated from the rest of the world and filled with anomalies, which are supernatural in nature. Soon after, the anomalies were followed by the appearance of strange artifacts, monsters, and all-around chaos. When a helicopter carrying human crew attempted to scout the area, it lost balance and crashed, leaving only one survivor – you.

The game becomes much more interesting when you realize that your character is actually a writer, who joined the helicopter rescue crew just to do some research for a book he wanted to write about the phenomenon. Now, being the only survivor, stranded alone and with no weapons or means to survive, he got more than he bargained for.

As you guide your character and attempt to survive the Zone, you begin by making primitive weapons and tools to help you. Pretty soon the game’s intense atmosphere takes hold, as you realize that not only must you gather food and come up with other means of survival, but you also must fight monsters and other creatures.

Dead Rain

Dead Rain

Sometimes it is best to ditch all the crafting and other realistic mechanics survival games insist on, and just grab a gun and kill stuff. It is precisely what you do in this insanely addictive and fun game called Dead Rain – New Zombie Virus.

Developed and published by Tiny Devbox, Dead Rain is a zombie/arcade style survival game in which you control a character who wields different weapons, including melee weapons, rifles, and more, and blast your way through endless zombie waves.

The gameplay greatly resembles some old school arcade games, but it features lots of new age mechanics. Controlling your character is done nicely, where you move left or right with your left thumb, and control every other action with your right one, including firing weapons, breaking down doors, jumping, climbing, and more.

You also get items and can upgrade stuff, doing so by spending an in-game currency you gain by killing stuff and opening chests.

This War of Mine

This War of Mine

Developed and published by a Polish company called 11 bit studios, This War of Mine is a realistic take on survival during war times. The game features a very dark but realistic approach to the choices and problems you face while you play. The gameplay alone is divided into two phases, one focused on your shelter and the other on getting supplies needed for survival.

When you are in your shelter phase, which happens during daylight, you perform various chores and tasks, like building items, harvesting, filtering rainwater, and cooking food for your characters.

When nighttime comes, under the cover of darkness, you go on a scavenger-hunt around cities, which gives this game an intense stealth atmosphere.

As you explore different war-ravaged playgrounds and scenery, you’ll encounter things which would normally be there during war times, like soldiers, militia, other survivors, and many unsavory types.

This War of Mine features many other interesting aspects, like trading, crafting, and decision making, which makes the gameplay non-linear.

ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile

ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile

Wildcard Studio developed this survivor, prehistoric-themed game, and has now ported it to iOS and Android. According to online reviews of both the mobile and versions for other platforms, virtually all features were ported, and ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile has the same gameplay concept.

The game features a survival tone with everything you could expect from it, like gathering resources, interacting with flora and fauna, finding minerals on the island you are thrown into, building equipment and weapons, and literally doing everything you would do to survive if you were really in that situation.

But, what makes this game different from other survival games is that here you do not simply acquire blueprints for new tech you need to survive. First of all, the game features a leveling system, through which you progress by gathering Engrams – this game’s version of ability points.

The tech you unlock concerns the usual, like weapons, equipment, clothes, utility items, and much more, all of which you will desperately need in order to survive and achieve your goals.

To make matters worse, you will need to face dinosaurs, which are the game’s defining feature. They make this game feel like you are inside the Jurassic World.