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Top 5 Twitch Streamers

With Thanksgiving just behind us, we were all reminded what we’re thankful for. While each and every one of us is probably primarily remembering our loved ones, like friends and family, some of us are thankful for something entirely different. Most famous Twitch streamers boost with viewership counts higher than some presidents had when they addressed the public with life-changing announcements, and they are most definitely thankful for the creation of the internet and the games which helped them reach the top.

Being a popular Twitch streamer doesn’t just mean popularity in general and money from donations, though the cash is aplenty. It means opened doors at all the top tier tournaments and game developer conventions. It is the peak of today’s famous lifestyle. And, along with all that comes the sponsorships. Unofficial expert estimates that top Twitch streamers are earning roughly between $50K and $100K monthly, solely from sponsorships, while other methods like team memberships, commercials, donations, and other channels are not included in that estimate, but may even increase that amount many times over.

Here is a list of Top 5 Twitch streamers on the current follower count list and a little something from their background.

Ninja 12+ Million Followers

  1. Ninja 12+ Million Followers as of November 2018

One of the best known Twitch streamers in the world and certainly the one with the most followers is the Ninja with 12,327,768 followers and 373,706,634 channel views in November 2018. Ninja’s real name is Richard Tyler Blevins and he was born on June 1991. He is an American famous internet personality, mainly by his twitch channel. He became the most followed streamer on Twitch in October 2018, with over 11 million followers and an average of 59,000 views per single stream. But, his follower count was increased by a million more in November 2018 and continues to grow daily.

Blevins played Halo 3 in 2009 for teams such as Team Liquid, Renegades, and Cloud9. In 2011, he streamed his first game. He was playing H1Z1 and immediately moved to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. After he transitioned to Fortnite, his viewership began to skyrocket along with the game’s popularity. In September 2017, he had about 500.000 followers which grew over three times more in the next 6 months. Belvins first Twitch record was for the most viewers on a single individual stream, while he was playing Fortnite. In 2017, he joined Luminosity Gaming team and he’s a member since.

Shroud (Meclipse) 4.8+ Million Followers

  1. Shroud (Meclipse) 4.8+ Million Followers as of November 2018

Michael Grzesiek, professionally known as Shroud, is a Canadian streamer best known for playing PUBG and other similar FPS games on Twitch. Michael was born in June 1994, and his gaming career started with CS: GO. He began in several ESEA teams, like Manajuma and Exertus, and on August 2014, Michael signed with Cloud9. That same year he won 2nd place for them in the ESL One Cologne 2017 and won the 1st place at ESL pro league season 4 in 2016. In 2017, Shroud announced that he is withdrawing from Cloud9 and professional gaming and became a dedicated streamer. Sometimes he plays CS: GO with Old Guys Club and won the 2nd place in Twitch Rivals tournament playing PUBG. Shroud’s old nick was Meclipse and he changed it recently.

TSM Myth 4.5+ Million Followers

  1. TSM Myth 4.5+ Million Followers as of November 2018

Myth or TSM is a professional Fortnite Battle Royale player and a Twitch Streamer from America. His real name is Ali Kabbani and he was born on May 1999 in Dearborn, Michigan. As of November 2018, he is the third most popular Twitch Streamer in the world. Myth’s current follower count is 4.541.661 with 64.110.945 channel views.

Ali began his career with a YouTube account he created in 2013, while he transitioned to Twitch in 2016. He mostly streamed Paragon, which was removed. But, Ali’s popularity began to grow when he transitioned to Fortnite Battle Royale in the second half of 2017. He reached 200.000 followers by the first quarter of 2018 and his follower base grew exponentially since.

Kabbani is also a member and captain of Team SoloMid, and he participates and streams important tournaments in the US.

Tfue 3.6+ Million Followers

  1. Tfue 3.6+ Million Followers as of November 2018

Tfue’s real name is Turner Tenney and he is an American eSports streamer and player from Florida, US. He was born in Jan 1998 and currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Most of his success came by playing Fortnite professionally, as Tfue is dubbed ‘the best player in the world’, often regarded to be better than Ninja. His YouTube channel currently has 6.3 million subscribers, while his twitch has 3.646.381 followers and 55.147.727 channel views, as of November 2018. Tfue and his friends, One_shot_GURL, FaZe Cloak and Nick Eh 30, together set the PC world record in Fortnite for most squad kills (53).

Turner is a member of JOOGSQUAD and has done many other attractive videos, which include surfing, trampoline stunts, skateboarding, and similar stuff before transitioning to gaming exclusively. When Turner opened his own YouTube channel, he began with Call of Duty and Destiny, with streaming and how-to videos mostly. In late 2016, Tfue switched to H1Z1 and PUBG but had approximately 70.000 of subscribers max. Then, in April 2018, Turner was invited to Faze and his viewership and popularity exploded.

Summit1g 3.3+ Million Followers

  1. Summit1g 3.3+ Million Followers as of November 2018

Summit1g is a retired CS: GO competitive player and a Twitch streamer, who played for A51 and Team Mythic. Real name Jaryd Lazar, summit1g was born in April 1987, and his first game after he switched to streaming was PUBG, right after the game’s pre-release in Mar 2017. Other games included in his streams are Fortnite, Escape from Tarkov, GTA V, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and DayZ.

Lazar began streaming in 2012, and had a regular 20000 viewership count, peaking at 90000 at some highlights such as CS: GO ECS qualifiers. In November 2018, Lazar has 3.370.637 followers and 248.581.504 channel views. Among his notable stunts, summit1g streamed the pre-fight conference of Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor match.