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Top 9 Free Gaming Websites on the Internet

Nothing in this world is actually free – somehow, somewhere you are being charged for it. That is exactly what we thought before compiling this list. These gaming websites are not only free to use, but are hassle-free and have great quality games for both: challenging the mind, and pure adventure. Due to the pandemic, these stressful times require fun activities and these games provide just that by acting as a stress reliever. Lava on top, we have added pros and cons for each website so that you know beforehand what you are in for. All the listed websites and easily accessible, safe for children to use, and do not redirect users to malicious websites. So, without much ado, choose your favorite website or open them all to click and skip all your worries away!


A popular pick amongst children and adults alike, this website is a favorite for many. It has a wide range of games for all ages, and in different categories, which one can both download and play online, free. One can also battle up and play in teams, with a stable online connection. Our absolute favorite games include Zed, Sheepish, and Nina Warrior. 

Pro: Has a huge library of games.

Con: Some games lag and take forever to load.

24/7 Games

24 7 games

Best known for classic games and puzzles, 24/7 Games is very addictive. Each of our childhood games has seasonal varieties and spin-offs as well. The website is also tablet and phone friendly so you do not have to have your PC or laptop open for it. 

Pro: Very easy to navigate and has no ads. 

Con: Does not have multiplayer games and progress cannot be tracked.

Big Fish Games

big fish games

The best part about Big Fish Games is the fact that it keeps on updating its server with the newest and most trending games so one can never be bored and there’s always something new to look forward to. Adobe Flash player is required for some games but not all.

Pro: Contains new and classic games for both online play and download.

Con: You might need to purchase membership to gain access to a full version of some games.


Some of us do not prefer playing games on the phone with taps and lesser movements and prefer to play with a keyboard and the mouse. For such people, is a dream come true as it offers the best of Android on the desktop. From Subway Surfer to Roded Stampede, has it all. The best part is that one is not disrupted by the few advertisements, as they are easily skip-able. 

Pro: Play all your favorite android games.

Con: Takes time to load and switch.


If you are fond of card games and love a good mind exercise then this website is your go-to place. All these card games have almost no loading time, they do not require a very fast internet connection, and are completely ad-free! This is not all, the website is extremely user family with its top-notch interface! However, you do need a stable internet connection that offers reliable service. So, if you are looking for an internet plan from a trustworthy provider, then check out Spectrum Internet Packages as they come with incredible speeds that are consistent throughout the day.

Pro: User enhancement and new puzzles all day!

Con: Only one type of game.


This website is a world of its own. The hours pass by in a flash and one still does not get enough of the packed fun that comes with it. allows you to build your own profile, earn lots of rewards, battle other online players, and rank up. The challenges are fun-filled and super exciting. 

Pro: Has a lot to offer.

Con: Games cannot be played on the mobile browsers unless downloaded as apps.

MSN Games

msn games

Forget about a real-life casino, we can get you a virtual one! We are all practicing social distancing so why not practice and bet on some of our moves instead. The website has no annoying ads, does not require you to sign up, and works equally well on both the phone and the desktop. 

Pro: Different types of games available.

Con: Not all mobile devices are compatible.

Free Online Games (FOG)


This website is the best choice for arcade lovers. Each game is a thrill to play and though it nestles other games as well, it is widely known for its action and car racing games. The mobile version of each game is available so you will not have to download individual apps to play.

Pro: Has the best-rated games.

Con: Needs to be played with the ad blocker disabled.

Armor Games

armor games

This website is sure to get the gaming nerd spring out of you with excitement. It has all our favorite childhood delights and if that wasn’t nostalgic enough, your Armor account can integrate to your Facebook and you can team up with your friends and family, appear on the leaderboard and even comment on a super engaging game forum!

Pro: Has some of the most known games.

Con: Not a highly appealing interface.

Final Words

In conclusion, these gaming websites are a great way to have fun, make online friends, and take a break from work. However, they tend to get addictive, which is why, it is best to time yourself, and perhaps monitor your child’s screen timing. They are one of the many things that make internet surfing a wholesome experience!