Top Black Friday Android and iOS Games

Top Black Friday Android and iOS Game Discounts

It’s Black Friday and everywhere people are rushing to the stores to shop. Of course, video games are also on discount and this is a perfect time to get that one game (or more) you have been eyeing for a while. So, here are some of the awesome games you should definitely check out while on sale. Trust us, it’s a bargain!

  • Baldur’s Gate

Available on sale for iOS devices only (you have to pay full price for Android), this remake of the BioWare’s 1998 classic RPG Baldur’s Gate, now developed by Overhaul Games, is available for $1.99 on App Store.

With Sword Coast on the verge of war, you are the one who has to save it. In this Dungeons and Dragons kind of game, you will recruit allies and create a team that will face an ominous evil lurking from the shadows.

  • Radiant One

Radiant One is a charming story developed by indie studio Fntastic. The plot revolves around Daniel who found a mysterious book one day about lucid dreams. And soon enough he learned how to do amazing things until something inexplicable took over that power from him. The game is available for iOS and will cost you only 99p, which is really a bargain for such a nice game.

  • Reigns: Game of Thrones

Available for iOS and Android, Reigns: Game of Thrones will cost you $2.99 or less during this Black Friday. The game includes all our favorite characters from the popular George R.R. Martin universe and of course, they are still fighting over the Iron Throne.

  • Return to Planet X

Return to Planet X is a first-person shooter available for Android on sale for 99p while for the iOS version you will have to pay the full price. The game resembles Starship Troopers with alien bugs all around and big guns to shoot them with. But besides the shooting, you will also get to explore and deal with some rudimentary physics, which is actually nice.

  • Rolemance

Rolemance is a game belonging to the growing genre of interactive game novels which you can play for free on an iOS device. In the game, you play a romance novel instead of reading it and thus control what will happen with the plot.

  • The Room: Old Sins

For $1.49 on Google Play, you will get The Room: Old Sins although iOS users will have to pay full price for the game. In this fourth installment to the series, you play an investigator who is searching for a missing couple in the Waldegrave Manor. It’s full of puzzles and potentially a supernatural mystery so you will have fun uncovering the secrets of this place.

  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Being an iconic game, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic had to be on sale, but for Android devices only for $2.99. This is an RPG with Force, lightsabers and Jedi order which will allow you to develop your character and see if you lean more to the dark or light side.

  • Don’t Starve

Don’t Starve is a survival game where not only is the goal not to starve to death but also not to be killed by monsters, madness, weather and a lot more you can’t even imagine. The game is on sale for 99p for Android devices while iOS is not participating in the Black Friday discounts.

  • Grimvalor

Yes! Grimvalor, a contender for the best game of 2018 is on discount for $5.99 so head to the App Store and get your copy. Graphics are amazing, controls are easy and the dark fantasy world will enchant you right from the start.

  • Old Man’s Journey

Old Man’s Journey is a touching story with unusual art and for only $1.99 for iOS devices this Black Friday. The game revolves around helping the lead character to uncover tales of broken dreams and tough decisions by moving landscapes up and down.

  • Gorogoa

Gorogoa is a highly praised game with hand-drawn art and puzzles available on iOS devices for $2.99 now. The idea is to move frames until you create a working picture which usually requires some elaborate thinking, but it’s actually really fun to play.

  • Thumper: Pocket Edition

With ravaging speeds and trippy visuals, Thumper: Pocket Edition is a perfect game for those who would like to boost their adrenaline. It’s available for $1.99 on iOS devices and will be perfect to play while you commute to work or go on a break at work.

  • Florence

Florence is the game that you simply shouldn’t miss playing if you want to experience a truly emotional and powerful narrative. Available now for $1.99 on App Store, this is a game that will tell you a tale about first love and self-discovery. And who knows, maybe it will win the best game award this year as well since it’s actually nominated for the best mobile game at the Game Awards 2018.  

  • Alto’s Odyssey

This sequel to Alto’s Adventure will take you over dunes and climbing over walls. Alto’s Odyssey is available on discount for iOS only for $2.99 and is a beautiful game that will charm you with comfortable gameplay and constant discoveries.

  • Mushroom 11

In Mushroom 11, you play a blob in a devastated world which you have to lead through platforming obstacles. This is a cute and fun game to play with interestingly looking graphics. If you ever wanted to play a blob, now is your chance to do it for $1.99 but only on iOS devices.  

  • Valley’s Between

Valley’s Between is a gorgeously looking game which will wake up your strategy skills. Your task here is to build the world that will survive and to do that you need to eliminate corruption that is poisoning it. The game is available on sale for iOS devices for $1.99 and totally worth the purchase.

  • Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition

In Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition you will play Titan who walked through Gates of Shadows and now has to fight his way through a lot of enemies. This RPG is on sale for both iOS and Android devices and you can get it for $3.19 or less.

  • Evergrow

Evergrow is a cosmic adventure where you will get to help a lifeform grow. It is currently available for iOS for 99c and offers a physics-based gameplay that will wake up the space enthusiast in you.

  • Kensho

Kensho is a challenging puzzler available now for $1.99 on App Store. The game is addictive but that is somewhat expected since you will travel to distant worlds and solve mysteries.

So, that was our pick for the most attractive mobile deals this Black Friday. If you found some other interesting titles on discount, do let us know in the comments below. Happy Black Friday, everyone!