Top Run

Top Run arriving tomorrow on Switch, PC, Xbox One, and PS4

Top Run, the hot retro-stylish endless runner game, made by ambitions indie hands, is set to launch tomorrow, January 29th, 2020, for PlayStation 4. The game arrives on three more platforms within a month from now, marking a rare occasion that an indie game has such a platform reach from the start. An ambitious plot for sure by the indie developing studio from Kazakhstan called Katata Games and their partners in publishing this game, the Fantastico Studio.

As seen from this fantastic trailer, so reminiscent of the ‘80s and the ‘90s, this is a true retro-style endless runner. All the elements are there, the pixels, the effects, the platforms, the music, neon lights, VHS effects, and this game also has elements of other genres. It is an action game and it also uses features like special abilities and some perhaps more modern game mechanics to increase the pleasure of the classic gaming experience.

The main protagonist is Kevin, who, along with his dog Buddy, runs through the dangerous neon city. There is a strong and obvious hint of synthwave in this game, also a trademark from the ‘80s and this game looks like a cool retro arcade we would spend countless hours on end during our childhoods…speaking as someone who was born in the ‘80s.

Top Run gameplay features:

  • Fast-paced action with “weird” enemies
  •  Synthwave music by Beckett
  •  Over 100 missions with unlocks and stuff to do outside of the missions as well
  •  Numerous cool references to the movies and cartoons from the ‘80s
  •  Cool skins and superpowers
  •  Shooting floppies 
  •  Upgradable abilities and character progression (by collecting pixels)
  •  Multiple game modes: fun, challenging, hardcore…all addictive
  •  Hardcore mode: run and survive, testing your reflexes
  •  Rage mode, described by the publisher as: “what others call zen we call rage, let your inner anger out!”

Top Run

Top Run release date for PS4 is tomorrow, December 29th, 2020. The game is also coming to Xbox One two days after that, so that’s January 31st, and then it will arrive at Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam) in February, as it is promised by the Fantastico Studio.

The synthwave tracks featured in the game are composed by an artist called Beckett. If you need a bit of fun and a quick trip back to the golden age of gaming, check out Top Run video game now and show your support for the indie development scene. VHS effects, neon lights, synthwave music, and arcade kicks are all this is, all it needs to be.