Top Streamed Games Platforms and Streamers 2019

Top streamed games, platforms, and streamers of 2019

Twitch rules supreme, as expected, staying the #1 streaming platform for the year 2019. League of Legends is #1 streaming game, while the most popular streamer in 2019 was Tfue.

The official figures are out and the statistics look staggering. Mainly, Twitch towers over all other “competitive” streaming platforms, LoL remains the first and even marks a 7% increase compared to last year, while Fortnite has had a -28% decrease.



The State of Stream 2019 report is provided by Stream Elements and, as mentioned, Twitch is well ahead compared to all others. They are holding 73% of the streaming market share, when hours watched count. Next is YouTube Gaming with 21%, and Facebook gaming and Mixer both have 3%. Mixer and Facebook Gaming are relatively new and have marked a slight growth, as well as YouTube. Last year, in 2018, Mixer has had 1%, Facebook Gaming 1%, YouTube Gaming 22%, and Twitch 75%, so it appears that they have snatched a few percentages off from the giant, undoubtedly after their talent acquisition, like Ninja.

Hours watched per platform: 2018 and 2019:

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Looking at the figures, twitch has marked a 20% yearly growth in hours people spend with them. YouTube Gaming 16% growth, facebook gaming 210% increase, and mixed 149% increase.


Twitch naturally still reigns supreme, but they have lost their biggest talent this year, Ninja, and several others. Facebook gaming and Mixer are smart about their business plan, and although they are still not competitive, they are doing it right. Now, Ninja is an important factor, but in 2019, Tfue has emerged as the towering factor in streaming popularity.

Tfue is #1 with 87.78 million viewing hours billed in 2019, with Shroud from Esports taking #2, summit1g #3, Ninja #4, and Asmongold #5. Top female streamer was Saddummy, with Amouranth and itsHafu right behind.


Now, the popularity of both the streamers and streaming platforms depends heavily on the content, and this is where League of Legends undoubtedly becomes everyone’s favorite gem. They have not only beaten the competition again this year, but have marked a 7% growth compared to 2018. The list of most popular games on the streaming market in 2019 looks like this:

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As seen in the figures, Grand Theft Auto V has marked the biggest growth, compared to last year, with their popularity on the streaming platforms rising by a staggering 277%. Apex Legends has made a tremendous breakthrough compared to other new games, with Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Teamfight Tactics, Anthem, and Death Stranding behind. Just chatting is not a game, technically speaking, but a live vlogging platform. However, its 44% growth has placed it on #3 nevertheless.

Apex Legends Season 3

The streaming year 2019 also marked an interesting and significant increase in popularity of the classics. For instance, Dungeons & Dragons has grown by 26%, and World of Warcraft Classic has caused the franchise to come back to the top 10 and land on the solid #7. Of course, GTA 5 is old but gold, and its growth of 277% is still resounding on a year to year basis, which is got everyone confused except for the players, who are having a blast obviously.