Torchlight Frontiers Coming in 2019

Torchlight Frontiers Coming in 2019

Perfect World Entertainment has confirmed that a new Torchlight game is in development and is planned for release in 2019. This will be the newest addition to the Torchlight universe since the sequel released in 2012 by Runic Games.  

The game Torchlight Frontiers is being developed by Echtra Games, Inc. which is a studio founded by Max Schaefer who worked on the previous games and is the founder of Runic Games, Inc. This is great news for the franchise since from nine months ago Runic Games, Inc. doesn’t exist anymore. Moreover, most of the team that worked on other Torchlight games is now working for Echtra Games and will participate in this title as well.  

Based on the announcement on the Perfect World website, the game will be set in the same universe as the previous Torchlight titles. Players will be able to team up to fight and search the ruins and dungeons for creatures and treasures. More details will be available as the release date closes in, but for now, the Perfect World published this great looking trailer that’s certain to get your attention.

From the trailer, it’s obvious that the visual aspects appear better with brighter colors and somewhat different design of characters. For now, you can sign up for the Beta at the official website of the game or visit Perfect World’s booth at some of the conventions and expos in the upcoming period. The game will be available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 once it’s released.

Based on the description saying that game is “combining the heart of the Torchlight series with a shared persistent and dynamically generated world”, it’s easy to assume that this will be an action MMORPG. This is actually something that Runic Games already had planned before shutting down.

“Evolving the Torchlight universe into a shared world has always been the goal for the franchise, and I’m excited that we’re finally able to make it a reality,” said Max Schaefer, CEO of Echtra Games and former CEO of Runic Games. “Torchlight Frontiers will be a living, breathing universe that will still feel uniquely Torchlight, while we add our own creative spin to the game. The team is building something truly special, and we can’t wait for fans to play it for the first time at Gamescom and PAX West.”

Torchlight I revolved around Ember, a powerful ore mined in the town of Torchlight. Ember gave people and things magical powers but could also lead to corruption as the player would come to discover in the dungeons beneath the town. In order to save Torchlight, the main protagonist needed to destroy Ordark, an ancient creature responsible for the corruption of Ember.

The sequel, Torchlight II was released for Microsoft Windows, OS X and Linux starting from 2012. The plot took place several years after Torchlight I and the defeat of Ordark. The Alchemist from the first title was corrupted by the Ember from the Heart of Ordark. The player needed to destroy the Alchemist in order to return balance into the world. This game came with a multiplayer mode, something that was missing in the first installment. You could host a match for up to six players, while you needed a Runic Games account to play.

Both games sold millions of copies around the world and created quite a fan base who can’t wait for the new title to come out. The game will be playable at the Gamescom from 21 – 25 of August and PAX West from August 31 – September 3 so we’ll have the first impressions of the gameplay then. Until then, it’s the perfect time to replay the first two games and get into the Torchlight hype once again.