Travian Legends

Travian Legends

There are many MMO games today which attract quite the large amount of players and fans, some of them set in the antique times and some not. But, almost a decade and a half ago, those were not so common like today and Travian was one of the pioneers in the genre.

Ten years after its initial release, the German software company decided to bring back its fan favorite and launched an overhauled and overall improved version of this persistent, MMO, real-time strategy called Travian: Legends.

Travian Legends

That German company is called Travian Games and it was funded back in 2005. Prior to that, the company’s founder and lead developer Gerhard Muller and his team made the first of Travian. It was a free-to-play browser game initially and they released it in 2004, a few months before they decided to start a software company.

Based in Munich, this medium size firm specializes in marketing PC and browser games and is still in the biz.

Upgrading the old classic

Since its release, Travian: Legends has been translated into 40+ languages and at one time boasted over 5 million players, with 300 servers worldwide. This was before mobile games became so insanely popular, so these figures really meant something back in the day. The game also won multiple awards in its large games category.

If you are new to this cult favorite, starting a game requires you to register on its official website, providing your email address. Choosing a World to play in is actually a choice of a server, and all you need more is to choose a tribe.

There are 3 tribes, plus two more but they are only playable on a special server called ‘Fire and Sand’. The original tribes, playable in all scenarios, are the Gauls, the Teutons, and the Romans. The other two exclusive tribes are the Huns and the Egyptians.

Now, the interesting thing is that a player must choose his tribe during registration, and while each has its own set of advantages and flaws, they may provide a somewhat different gaming experience.

For instance, the Romans have quite powerful troops which are also quite expensive, but they make up for it with an increased economy. They can upgrade buildings and resource fields simultaneously but have low-capacity merchants.

The Gauls, however, have fast merchants and soldiers, with good defensive capabilities. This already makes them a quite different experience than the Romans.

Contrary to the first two tribes, Teutons are quite aggressive and are oriented towards attack. They have somewhat weak but at the same time cheap units. Their merchants are also slow like with the Romans, but are high-capacity.

The two new races are well thought out and are in balance with the original three, as the overall feedback tells us. The Egyptians are a good choice for new players. They excel in fast timers, have excellent defensive units, and vast resources.

The Huns, however, are not a recommended choice for new players and are suited for veterans. They have high time requirements, an impressive cavalry, but are extremely weak in the defensive. In fact, they must rely on others for protection, and it is thus not recommended to play Huns at all if you are not a part of a guild.

The important thing to know is that once you choose a tribe, you cannot change your choice, and all the villages you conquer or found yourself will be of that chosen tribe.

The classic game modes are pretty much what the old school players and the fans of the genre are used to, but on the ‘Fire and Sand’ servers, the things work a bit differently. These special servers do not feature the standard ‘build a World Wonder and win’ method, and actually let players compete for victory points. The entire server lasts for 200 days, and the Alliance with the most Victory Points wins. This is fun for various reasons, but it mainly promotes a more strategy-alliance oriented play style, where every point counts.

Travian Legends

The latest edition of Travian has been a real treat for longtime fans and players because firstly the game’s looks are incredibly better. After a decade and a half, you can imagine what the difference is.

The models and the graphics are completely overhauled, and the interface has seen many improvements.

This version of the game does make it appear user-friendly but make no mistake. It is still the unscrupulous and persistent MMO meat-grinding war game it always was, even more so.

With these new game modes, it has even become a keen game of statistics, as well as strategy.

The tutorial phase is there to explain the main concepts and bring in new players quickly. There is no doubt about it, it is a quick game to pick up, but it quickly becomes much more. This means that it has kept the original Travian play style most browser games have, which is that it doesn’t require much presence in the game in terms of hours, but the late-game competitive part of it may force players to either lose sleep or rely on their Alliance a lot.

This may be a downside, because Travian Legends does require you to give it time to really grow on you and show you the true allure of the late game content, but it is the truth of most MMO games today.

Travian Legends



his may be a downside, because Travian Legends does require you to give it time to really grow on you and show you the true allure of the late game content, but it is the truth of most MMO games today.

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