Trivia Crack games’ anniversary celebration

Etermax’s Trivia Crack games universe celebrates several anniversaries and important benchmarks this month. The ingeniously designed mobile app that promotes learning and playing with people all over the world in a competing spirit of Trivial Pursuit and similar board games, to which it was modeled to, now celebrates its 6th birthday. Its successor, Trivia Crack 2, is having its first anniversary, and both games are marking some very important benchmark figures today.

Trivia Crack originally came out in 2013 for Latin American market, but quickly spread over to the English speaking populace and already in 2014, it was the most downloaded app on the iTunes App Store. It is still #2 in trivia genre there with 4.5-star rating out of almost 400k votes. #1 trivia game on the Apple App Store is Trivia Crack 2, so it’s a win-win for Etermax. The successor has a 4.6-star rating. The games have so far been downloaded over 500 million times and have over 150 million active users yearly.

Anniversary benchmarks:

  • Trivia Crack 6th anniversary; Trivia Crack 2 1st anniversary
  • +500M installs worldwide and +150M annual active users
  • +170B questions have been answered with an average of +25M daily
  • 839M matches played over last year
  • 25M questions added by users
  • Available in +180 countries and 34 languages,  reached the #1 trivia game spot in 125 countries
  • A global phenomenon that keeps growing: also available in Google Assistant and with its own K12 oriented animated series

Each of the two games feature different modes and offer a different experience. With over 170 billion questions accounted for currently, they are a source of endless fun and one of the most competitive mobile games out there. They offer questions from the categories of Art, Entertainment, Science, Sports, History, and Geography, and everything is represented with visually pleasant and catchy models and animations, which serves to help the learning process.

Trivia Crack

To celebrate these important anniversaries and benchmarks, in the period between November 4 and November 10, the players will have several goodies. Firstly, all coins made in Triviathon during this period will be multiplied by 6 after beating the best match. Trivia Crack 2 will give a surprise gift for all users each day through November 11th, which includes tickets, crowns, gold ingots, and more. The awards and goodies go around for all Trivia Crack mobile games for several days, so be sure to check them out.