Tropico Android

Tropico is arriving on Android soon

The dictator sim Tropico achieved critical and commercial acclaim after being released for PC and Mac in 2001. Later on, the game got several expansions and it made its way to iPad, that being the exclusive portable version available for some time. Earlier in 2019, iTunes App Store got Tropico iOS version, much to all iPhone owner’s delight, and the game immediately scored a 4.7-star rating, becoming an instant hit. Now, Feral Interactive are accommodating Android users as well.

Tropico Android release date set for September 5, 2019. Pre-registration is open right now and it will yield a Premium Port for those who secure this early bird bonus. This dictator sim was developed by Kalypso Media Group while it was Feral Interactive that ported it for iPad and iPhone. The company is on a successful video game porting streak, since they also ported Rome: Total War – Barbarian Invasion earlier this month.

However, Tropico is undoubtedly one of the most successful titles for both companies. It lets the user play as El Presidente and lead a small island on the Caribbean. The game functions much like some other simulations, where you control the economy of the island, build housing, and also open various facilities which improve your infrastructure. However, it’s the ‘El Presidente’ part of the game that gives it its main appeal, for the players may rule their island as a dictator of a third world country.

The players may chose to play as several presidents, each giving its own allure to the game, and the most important thing is that they govern their land with an iron fist sort to say. This is at the center of Tropico mobile game experience and it is arriving on Android in less than a month. On September 5th, the game will be available on Google Play. As to the pricing, it’s still unclear just how much it will cost, but it is $11.99 on iTunes App Store for Tropico iOS version, so Android is expected to be similar if not the same.