Tropico is now available on iPhone


Tropico mobile, Feral Interactive’s long-awaited baby, is finally here on iPhone and it already bought us all with some crazy unexpected features for the Tropico iPad version. Free update was released a few days ago and it has already delighted even the hardest critics out there. The App Store was hit just now, so iPhone and iPad users can relax, no additional costs are added.

The Tropico App Store premium release reportedly offers no in-app purchases and it is said the iPad port is great. Feral also released the Tropico iPhone 1.2.1 version just now, and it delighted the players with some hefty features.

The list of supported devices was confirmed with the Tropico release date by Feral, and nothing really changed since then. 3GB of storage space is needed, no way around it. But that’s the only downside apparently. iPhone 6S and6S Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7 and 7plus, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, and XS Max, and also iPhone XR are all included now.

This new update brought much convenience in terms of the handling of Tropico’s in-game and other features. There’s a screenshot more now which disables the HUD so you can take a stylish photo. Also, you will now have the capability to watch and monitor up to twelve citizens at a time.

Tropico iOS now looks like a finished edition. App Store has the iPad and the iPhone version ready, with both scoring 4.5 stars so far. The pricing hasn’t changed if you are a new player interested in joining in on the fun. Tropico iPad and iPhone on the iTunes App Store still stands at $11.99, which is marginal comparing to the fun it gives and the fact that there are no further in-app purchases.