Undead Horde

Undead Horde – a tale of a necromancer and world plundering

Undead Horde reviews are once again emerging online for the game just opened iOS beta testing phase available on the iTunes App Store, while it is already available on Steam, GOG, Nintendo Switch Store, PlayStation Store for PS4, and the Microsoft Store for Xbox One. It’s been slowly conquering one platform at a time since its initial release date back in March 2019,  reaping positive reviews all around with the gamers mainly praising the game for its snappy gameplay design and the cool concept of playing as a necromancer who raises dead and conquers the land.


Going along the lines of an Action RPG, Undead Horde is developed and published by 10tons Ltd. which is a game developer that created such titles as Neon Chrome, Jydge, and the holiest of holy – Crimsonland. Crimsonland was a pioneering top-down dual stick arena shooter game that practically created the genre which so many games go for today. It also contained a combination of RPG elements which created the distinctly alluring gameplay experience paired with plowing down endless enemy hordes with ingenious weapons until it creates that warm feeling of satisfaction.

Well, in their latest title, you play as a necromancer who is, contrary to Crimsonland, creating hordes as you raise dead and integrate the corpses of your fallen enemies into your army. It is best described as a necromantic action game where, like in Crimsonland, the adjective ‘fast-paced’ is just not going to cut it. It is a blast of hack’n’slash action with strategic elements to all that mayhem, which is exactly what is praised in by the players of this new title.

Undead Horde

Somehow, the Undead Horde has managed to bring a touch of sense and planning to all that chaos and make it much more than just an action killing extravaganza, but…yeah, it is that a lot. The players play as Maraud the Necromancer, who is on a quest of claiming what once belonged to the undead as he leads his army and raises all the villages one by one, feeding his army with fresh troops and taking treasures. Kind of like what the Night King is doing in Song of Ice and Fire book series and the Game of Thrones TV adaptation, only it’s fun, snappy and addictive.

The game is now in its beta test stage and 10tons studio are looking for players to help them finish up the fine-tuning and release the game for iOS. Undead Horde game could once again prove to be a shift in the trends, like Crimsonland once was. The game undoubtedly brings tons of fun and is worth checking out.