Unravel Two – Nintendo Switch Review


There is an old saying that says that everything is better when shared, which is something that works especially well with adventure video games. Indeed, every ordeal and difficult task is easier when you have someone beside you to help you. Cooperation can give us some of the most precious and meaningful gaming moments, most of them being overcoming some adversity with hard-fought teamwork. This is probably something the makers of Unravel games think too because it is pretty apparent while playing their games.

Unravel Two is, by all means, a derivative sequel, which is not a negative trait, but rather shows that developers knew which elements made their game so popular and just stepped up with those. You are again in the role of a small woolen hero called Yarny, and you travel across a 2.5D world using yarn strings to traverse the lengths and heights more easily. You will use those strings to swing across gaps, remove objects to open new paths and climbing seemingly insurmountable mountains. The gateways to new levels will still be picture frames, this time there will be within a central hub inside of a lighthouse. However, Yarny won’t be alone in his adventures, because he is joined by a blue colored friend which helps him whenever they are confronting puzzles, environmental and platforming alike, that require two of them to work together.

Very much like the original game, the story in Unravel Two is quite ambiguous, rather using simple and metaphorical themes instead of being overly explicit with the storytelling. The impression of peacefulness and tranquility is amplified by the soothing game music, which successfully drains out any stress out of players. Overall this game is a relaxed and appealing experience which doesn’t rush to tell its story. In that way, it reminds us of a similarly dreamy and artsy game Journey.

unrawel two

Being able to control two characters at once makes even the simplest of tasks a challenge. The game requires the constant use of teamwork, and the fact that both characters are connected by their yarn also opens a lot of new options of reaching the seemingly and reachable places and traversing across greater distances. Two wooly characters can use yarn in various creative ways, like making a bridge or a trampoline in order to increase their mobility and accessibility.

unrawel two

Unravel Two is one really wonderful game, full of soul and charm, and also filled to the brim with beautiful moments of heartfelt storytelling and platforming puzzles alike. Although there were some downgrades to the visuals in the Switch version, it is not by any means inferior gaming experience. It seems that Unravel has found a new home in Nintendo’s hybrid gaming system. Speaking about co-operative platform games, this is one of the best titles you will ever play, and now you can play it anywhere.

8.0 Good
  • Gameplay 9
  • Graphics 7
  • Atmosphere 8
  • User Ratings (0 Votes) 0