Uprising: Cyberpunk first impressions


Uprising: Cyberpunk is an Action Shooter – Defence game in which you play as Jack, a trigger-happy army veteran with a short fuse. The game was developed by Knocknock Games, an independent game studio with 30+ experienced developers.

Shortly after starting the game, you’ll learn that the year is 2056 and that the world is in a dreadful state. Human implants were hacked and made harmful for around 75% of the world’s population. Because of this, everything went south in the matter of days and chaos thrives everywhere. To make things worse, Jack will find himself barricaded near a motel, waiting for help to arrive from Matt, his army friend.

In the meantime, you’ll need to defend against waves of attackers until the help gets there. However, it may take a while until the cavalry arrives, so you’ll be left on your own to defend against crazy attackers.

During the game, you’ll progress through stages, each more challenging than the previous one. And since there are literally hundreds of those, you’ll gradually feel the difficulty ramp-up. To offset this, after completing each stage, you’ll be rewarded with various different resources you can use to upgrade your weapons and abilities. In each stage, the protagonist – Jack will stand behind a wall while being attacked by waves of crazy attackers. You start the game with a gun, your basic and perhaps, one of the most important weapons in the game. This is because it’s the only weapon with unlimited ammo, so you’ll be able to shoot to your heart’s content without worrying whether or not you’ll need that precious ammunition for later.

As you progress through the stages, you’ll eventually unlock additional weapons, including Auto Rifle and a Rocket Gun, the former having a large clip of ammo and a quick firing rate while the latter dealing immense area of effect damage. These weapons are quite powerful, but their ammunition is fairly limited, so they are best used during some difficult waves. Also, you’ll be able to unlock various different abilities after reaching certain stages of the game, and those abilities can make a huge difference whether or not you’ll be able to finish a certain stage. Speaking of stages, every fifth stage contains a boss. These enemies are much more powerful than any of the regular enemies you’ll encounter, and they have a much larger health pool and damage. This is where those special weapons and abilities come into play. Using them will help you eliminate bosses much easier compared to shooting them with a gun.

Other than that, after reaching certain stages, you’ll unlock many different upgrades that will make things easier for you. These are split into five different categories.

  • Primary Weapons – with these, you can directly upgrade the effectiveness of your Gun, Auto Rifle and Rocket Gun.
  • Secondary Weapons – these will affect your secondary weapons, such as Granade and EMP Granade.
  • Additional Gear – here you can upgrade your energy, which is used for various abilities, Ion Batteries, Mesh Glasses, and Mining, which will allow you to generate some resources over-time, even while offline.
  • Jack’s Support – these will passively boost Jack, providing bonuses such as reload speed, fire rate, critical damage, experience gained, and etc.
  • Abilities – these upgraded will affect Jack’s active abilities, giving various bonuses to Battering Ram, Emp Blast, and Air Support.

While playing the game, you’ll eventually be rewarded with some Perks after beating certain stages. You can equip these in the Equipment menu, and doing so will grant you various bonuses during your next stage. You can have up to three different perks equipped, and these will be spent after the stage, so they are best used during boss stages.

As for the gameplay itself, it’s quite simple actually, but completely on point. Tapping the approaching enemy will make Jack fire with his currently equipped weapon at that target. Each hit will deal a certain amount of damage, based on the weapon used and its current upgrade level. You’ll see the health bars over each enemy, so it is imperative to shoot just enough bullets and immediately swap to another target once the one you’re shooting at is eliminated.

Whenever you run out of ammo, you’ll need to reload your weapon. This will automatically occur, but you can also manually reload by tapping the bar on the bottom-left part of the screen. While reloading, the bar will slowly fill and once it’s full, your weapon will be ready for firing again. There is a neat little mechanic tied to this. While reloading, you’ll notice the white area on the reloading bar. Tapping the reload bar again once its progress is within the white area will perform a Hot Reload. This will not only finish the weapon’s reloading earlier, but it will also grant you a temporary damage boost. However, if you fail to do this, your reload will be delayed by a couple of seconds. This is where the player’s skill comes into play. If you can continuously perform these Hot Reloads with your Gun (which by the way has unlimited ammo), you can decrease the reloading downtime and also gain a nice damage boost which will make things much easier for you.

It’s also worth mentioning that all of the game’s dialogues are fully voiced over, and the voice actors did a pretty good job. Jack is really a likable character, delivering some witty one-liners after killing some of the enemies, and often commenting on various actions the player performs during the game.


Uprising: Cyberpunk is definitely a game worth checking out and its atmospheric action will instantly hook you in for countless hours of fun.

7.7 Good
  • Atmosphere 9
  • Graphics 6
  • Gameplay 8
  • User Ratings (11 Votes) 9.4