Phone Wars Round 12

USA VS CHINA Phone Wars Round 12

Huawei just banned bootloader from unlocking on the latest Mate 30, banning Google services from their latest flagship. This move represents the latest event in the ongoing Chinese and United States trade dispute, raging for almost a year now that we’ve chosen to call Phone Wars which had 11 big rounds so far, making this one the 12th. Now, while this particular move by Huawei seems as a glove to the face to Google, it is actually perhaps just a resolution to the year-long conflict.

By doing this, Huawei is making the Mate 30 pretty much unsellable outside of China, or at least a much harder sell than other devices who do cooperate with the USA conglomerate. It was because of this and similar reasons that everyone hoped Huawei would loosen the grip on Bootloader unlocks, which would allow users to at least flash a ROM with Google apps, saving some utility, but that’s now officially toasted. Mr. Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei, did say in a statement issued to Android Authority that they will allow these bootloader unlocks for Mate 30, but this was quickly annulled by Huawei.

According to some online sources, there might be another way besides these flashing custom ROM bootloader methods for allowing Google Play services to get sideloaded. Namely, it appears that the Play Store is installable on Amazon Fire tablets as on other similar devices without modifying their OS. There might be a speculated solution within that, but someone needs to get it officially going.

The USA VS CHINA Phone wars might be ending soon with no one the victor, as with all wars. Huawei will not be allowed back to the western market, while Google and many other big companies will lose access to China, which is a market for apps and gaming apps unlike any other. And, as it is with all conflicts, while the rich play war the people are the ones that get hurt. Thus all Huawei owners outside of China will now face certain difficult decisions for sure.

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