USA VS CHINA Phone Wars Round 13

Russia greets Huawei’s 5G test with open arms as the first testing zone is set in Moscow, as a partnership with Russian MTS. This goes against the infamous US Ban on Huawei for alleged espionage risk as a port of what we call the Phone Wars, where the US also urged many of its allies to do just that. With some low punches thrown, the conflict now seems to be approaching its ending, as the USA has not lifted the ban and Huawei has turned to other business projects, mainly other markets.

This is where Russia comes in, as a part of Huawei’s expansion to 5G upgrade. The developer’s 5G networks were welcomed in Moscow, as the capital city will be one of the first to get a test run. According to online sources, this move is a display of solidarity with China, Beijing most of all, while it is at the same time a good opportunity for Russia to upgrade its internet broadband to ultra high-speed latest tech, much to their users’ joy.

The first 5G test zone in Moscow was opened this month together with the Russian MTS operator, with the rest of the capital city being covered soon. On this occasion, Russian officials also revealed their plans to cover the entire country with 5G networks by 2024, including all major cities of course. Moscow authorities also said that this is not just a test and that 5G is here to stay, as it will become a normal part of the city’s infrastructure soon.

This collaboration between Russia and China was made official back in June 2019, at the height of the Phone Wars to be precise. While the whole world was ranting about what to do with their Huawei phones now that President Trump has declared the company liable for espionage, Mr. Xi Jinping, the President of China, visited Russia in June and the deal between Huawei and MTS was signed.

With the inauguration of 5G zones, Mr. Zhao Li, the CEO of Huawei’s Russian branch, said: “We have been working in Russia for 22 years. Thanks to our partners, we live well here.”

“Russian operators are all collaborating with multiple 5G equipment vendors, Huawei included. We do not see any clear 5G leaders in the network deployment in Russia,” added Mrs. Michela Landoni, the analyst at Fitch Solutions. According to public records, the Moscow Huawei section now employs 400 people, while there is also a mobile R&D department in Saint Petersburg with 150 employees, with the intention of expanding quickly in the next few years.