Phone Wars Round 14

USA VS China Phone Wars Round 14

Just when we thought the Phone Wars were over, Huawei loses Google Apps bootleg access. This means Huawei Mate 30 Smartphone devices won’t allow for manual install of Android apps anymore. This bootleg access was kind of an official workaround, or a public secret sort to say, on how Google services were still available for the owners of Huawei Smartphones. However, the last hope for any diplomatic solution has now been snuffed out.

The mentioned workaround was published by Mr. John Wu, a well-known researcher and a prominent figure in the events tied to what we came to call the Phone Wars. He has posted a rather illuminating method of how to manually download and install desired Google apps on Huawei Mate 30 Pro, even with the US blacklist, or the ‘Trump Ban’, still in effect. As many are aware of, this prevents the Chinese manufacturer of using any US components and software, including Google apps. Luckily, Mr. Wu found a way to make it work and shared it with the world last week.

However, not a full 48-hour period after the post, Mate 30 mobile devices lost all access to Android apps. A number of experts on Smartphone tech confirm that it is only Google that is able to make this kind of ban, through their SafetyNet anti-abuse check. Mr. Wu’s post went along the lines of this:

“Although this ‘backdoor’ requires user interaction to be enabled, the installer app, which is signed with a special certificate from Huawei, was granted privileges nowhere to be found on standard Android systems” – John Wu

After Mr. Wu’s post, Google seems to have dug deep and did a thorough security check. There is an app called LZPlay, which also allowed installation of Google apps on Mate 30 Pro, and which came out with alongside the device. Now, it too has disappeared after the post. Wu said that it was obvious that Huawei intentionally allowed the existence of this app, but the manufacturer denied the allegations in an official statement.

Whatever the case may be, the ban is now ironclad. USA and China have officially and completely gone their separate ways and the conflict does seem to come to a final end, but with no truce and no beneficial terms for Huawei users. However, the company naturally already has contingency plans and several other big names have stepped in to help stop the disaster.

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