Phone Wars 15

USA Vs China Phone Wars Round 15

Huawei’s 5G Southeast Asia network infrastructure is now ready to be plugged in, says the Chinese giant telecommunications company, shrugging off all the negative effects from the ongoing Phone Wars with the USA. The conflicts were not just in cyberspace for the USA did block any and all USA tech manufacturers from trading with Huawei and selling them any hardware, while it also banned them from importing anything into the USA with the warning from President Donald Trump himself that Huawei devices can be used to espionage.


Shrugging off all of the bans, despite being cut off from the USA market, and in spite being accused of potential espionage, Huawei did roll out their 5G network infrastructure all over Southeast Asia, dismissing all the damage done to the company during the Phone Wars. Mainly, The Philippines and Thailand will be the first to try the network and new technology.

Huawei has denied all of the accusations made by the USA and its president about their tech being used by China to spy on countries. The vice-president of Huawei, Mr. Edward Zhou, made a statement about the USA Vs China Phone Wars last Sunday, during the Association of Southeast Asian, and said:

“China and the US now are in the trade war and also there is some kind of technology war (which) Huawei is very focused on at the moment. We are here to support the ASEAN (in) the development for the 5G. There are not any cyber-security issues for us. There is no evidence for the US to say that” – Edward Zhou.


This next-gen next-level technology will be utilized to help the economy, trade, education, and all other sectors in the mentioned areas. It will improve local business, transport, and information flow as Huawei reportedly already invested over $5 billion in testing the new network and setting it up. Thailand was among the first to welcome it with open arms and allowed Huawei to set up their test shop in a major university near Bangkok, the country’s capital.

This news is considered a blow to the US as Thailand and the Philippines were allies with the USA historically, but have chosen not to participate in the scrutiny and bans imposed upon the company’s products issued by President Trump. Vietnam, however, has backed away from Huawei and chose to roll out the welcoming wagon for Ericsson and Nokia’s 5G technology networks.