Phone Wars 16

USA VS China Phone Wars Round 16

After many months of ongoing Phone Wars between USA and China, Huawei P40 is still launching globally, despite the bans from Google services and the USA president’s Trump hardware trade deals. This naturally means that the upcoming Smartphone could be launching without the Play Store, which means it won’t have first-party apps like YouTube and Google Maps. We don’t have the details right yet but it appears Huawei does have a trump card of their own.

Google Apps

As part of the ongoing USA VS China Phone Wars, which seem to go on without an end, there have been many punches below the belt. Deals have been broken, partnerships split, equipment withheld, and even people were held in custody. Now, Huawei P40 launch is approaching for Europe and other markets overseas, but it is unclear if the device will at all touch USA soil. The ban issues upon Huawei devices by President Trump and the USA government resulted in Google dropping them from their services.

This means they cannot put Play Store on their new phones, which means upcoming Huawei Smartphones will have to make do without Google Maps, YouTube, and other Google Mobile first-party services. Of course, older phones that came out before Huawei P30 still have unrestricted access, but this upcoming model is now at the center of the problem.

Its predecessor, P30, came out in the midst of the problem and as a result, it was locked out of Google family for good. It did not launch on US soil nor did it get a UK release. This cutoff has forced the Chinese company to seek for an alternative and develop their own services as a replacement. However, according to online sources, it was a surprise for the Chinese company how Android apps are heavily dependent on Google tools for stuff like notifications, authentication, integrating mapping, ad revenue, and other stuff.

Huawei Mobile Services

Thus, Huawei is now developing its own spectrum of replacement tools so that they can cover all app dependency internally. This will presumably require integration with third-party app developers so that their software could work on upcoming Huawei devices. However, the response is not so great according to rumors.

With the Huawei P40 release date approaching, the clock is ticking, but online sources report that the mentioned integration of software is thus far a steep undertaking. And, presumably, it is a big favor to ask for western developers to adapt their apps just for a single Smartphone manufacturer, even if their sales are beating Apple in China big time. It is a well-known fact that Huawei doesn’t have strong competition in China, while the bans are causing the brand to be completely excluded from USA and UK. The clock is ticking and it appears the Phone Wars are still not anywhere near the end…