Phone Wars Round 8

USA VS China Phone Wars Round 8 – Huawei Ark will carry the survivors of the flood

A continuation of the conflict between Huawei and basically the USA government is now at its peak and a possible ending may be on the horizon even. Last week, Huawei unveiled their contingency plan which undoubtedly caused many of their users to release a sigh of relief. Now, Huawei has gone even further in taking its strategic position to ensure the war ends soon and even to its benefit.

Huawei reserved several trademark names suspected to be used for its upcoming software

The Chinese have a long history of waging wars much more brutal than this one, and Huawei may very well take their play out of the pages of history. If you’ve been following the development of the conflict, you know that at the insistence of the US government, Google has stopped all collaboration with Huawei, which includes banning Huawei phones from using the latest Android OS and other Google tools.

The ban also extends to hardware tech as the official statement from the USA political top was that the general concern was espionage and subterfuge.

Last week, Huawei revealed that it had a plan in motion all along for just such an occasion. Following the traditional Chinese method, Huawei simply decided to build their own OS and other services to replace western software. It turned out they already started working on it in late 2018, which means they were a few steps ahead of the game.

According to multiple sources, in these past few days, Huawei has trademarked several names with the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office). The names reserved, according to multiple respectable online sources, are:

  • Huawei Ark
  • Huawei Ark OS
  • Ark OS
  • Ark
  • Huawei Ark Compiler

Huawei allies itself with Tencent

Now, they make another brilliant strategic move by aligning with Tencent, another Chinese giant in…well, virtually in all media branches. In the meantime, Tencent has been slowly taking over the gaming, movie, and several other markets in the west and by aligning with them, Huawei may even have a greater reach than it did with Google.

The recently inked agreement has just seen the light of day, as all the companies representatives seem thrilled and ambitious for their new cooperation. The news broke on the 7th China Internet Audio and Video Convention, currently being held in Chengdu, in the Sichuan province. Further details reveal that the collaboration will feature Tencent and Huawei to share technology in both hardware and software fields on all their platforms, which will include intertwined accounts and prime content shared on their apps. For instance, Huawei Video app tech, which has so far proven to be smoother and in better quality than its competitors, will share its secrets with Tencent’s Video app. In turn, this will also allow Tencent entire video content to be available for Huawei users, according to Sun Zhonghuai, Tencent Holdings Vice-President and the Penguin Pictures active CEO.

Do you want to know how it came to this? This is where the phone war began!

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