Viewport – The Game | Review


Viewport – The Game is an award-winning gaming concept developed by DimArea Games. It is a puzzle game that will twist your mind and make you feel like you are just experiencing video games for the first time. Viewport’s concept is so peculiar and out of this world, that it may very well be the single most refreshing experience in a long time.

DimArea Games – Unique, Yet Needed

DimArea Games is the name of a one-man developing company. That man is Sung-oh Park. Their website itself is filled with different and peculiar stuff, like Sung-oh Park is actually speaking to the visitor directly with ‘I am in charge of game design…’ The whole concept seems revolutionary and Viewport is the first entry in a perspective DimArea Games’ future that looks bright, not dim.

Viewport Introduction

This entire concept will hit you on the head right from the start. You enter the game and the system actually welcomes you, calling you “Subject 002”. It proceeds by thanking you for participating in the experiment, and by that time you will undoubtedly already be on the edge of your seat.

The game’s narrator then introduces itself to you as Woo-jin Jung, the player’s doctor. He, or it, is in charge of our Viewport experience. The entire experiment is meant to last for an eight-day period, continuously. You are, as the doctor explains, only excused in case of special occasions like blindness, severe depression, or your own death.

Viewport’s Gameplay

You are presented with four Viewports in front of you with the instructions that they are to be called MAIN, TOP, Left, and Front.

  • The MAIN Viewport will display the target 3D object
  • the TOP Viewport will then display the top-down perspective of that object
  • the LEFT Viewport will display the left side of the 3D object; the camera rotates
  • the FRONT Viewport will display the front of the 3D object in question

The entire experience revolves around you dragging and dropping 3D objects of various shapes and sizes, to test your sense of space, shapes, perspective, and also how well you understand the instructions. So far, the game behaves like an interactive IQ test.

Your guide, dr. Woo-jin Jung, at some point, explains that you have multiple wires and sensors connected to your head so that he could monitor your brain activity during the experiment – “Please refrain from intense head movement”


Viewport’s simple and interactive appearance just adds to the pot, as the entire gaming experience feels incredibly immersive. The shades of futuristic green color will bring back memories of the Matrix movies, while the tasks you are presented with and the manner in which they are presented, will cause you to re-think everything you thought you knew about gaming and reality for that matter.

Viewport – The Game awards:

  • G-Rank Awards – Challenge Seoul Winner
  • Made with Unity KR’18 – Best Student Winner
  • 2018 Indie-tuh Awards Top 3
  • GIGDC 2018 – Best Univ. Student Bronze

Test Yourself! Viewport – The Game is an incredibly immersive experience. The game is an innovative way of locking in the player into what feels more like a series of psychological and intellectual tests, as it is intended. The game also has incredibly clever humor hidden just between the lines and it will keep you locked in and entertained in a completely new way. And, that’s only day one.

8.7 Epic
  • Atmosphere 10
  • Appearance 8
  • Gameplay 8
  • User Ratings (1 Votes) 9.4