Vivaldi for Android

Vivaldi’s new browser is available for Android

Vivaldi’s browser for Android is a new alternative to Chrome, and it is marketed under the slogan ‘browsing on your terms’. It is developed as a highly customizable browser, intended to provide a different experience to Chrome users in terms of convenience and Android compatibility. Vivaldi’s desktop CPU browser already became famous for its high customization capability, and now they’ve ported it to mobile.

Vivaldi Grouping Tabs

Vivaldi’s reputation earned by their desktop browser was well deserved, given the fact that their browser lets the user customize and change virtually every button, bar, and menu featured in the software. It lets people create a completely customized, unique, and most importantly personalized version of the web browsing experience. Furthermore, tab stacking is also their showcasing achievement, which is an incredibly convenient way of collecting tabs that are related and stacking them in a single group for easier future reference.

This sort of functionality is heavily aimed at making the user experience improved and to accommodate the average web surfer’s needs. This Vivaldi mobile browser version brings all that to your handheld gadget, with additional flexibility added to its design. Mainly, it will allow the user to choose search engines easily just by typing in its nickname before the desired query in the search bar. Nicknames are comprised of a single, first letter of the famous search engines, like “W” for Wikipedia, so you can just type in ‘w’ and then your query and you will get Wiki results.

Vivaldi Android

Some features which were praised for the desktop version are also ported to mobile, like Speed Dial functionality, which gives quick access to sites and bookmarks when a ‘New Tab’ is opened. Also, and this is perhaps the best part, the bookmark manager allows the user to search them by typing in the description or just a site nickname. As far as accessibility goes, Vivaldi browser lets users switch tabs with a swipe, duplicate them without the need for copy/paste, and it also brings a “Notes” build-in tool.

Vivaldi mobile browser will also let people take and organize screenshots of the entire web page, not just the part visible on the display, and lastly, if you already use Vivaldi’s desktop browser, you will be able to sync it with your mobile version, including all bookmark, browsing, and other data stored in your personalized interface, all with a secure end-to-end encryption of course. This new browser brings all this and more, so it will undoubtedly compel people to consider switching to it at least for a test drive or better said, surf.