Saturday, February 23



The name Vivo might be unknown to the wider audience, but that will soon change. This Chinese company announced one of the most exhilarating phones we’ve ever seen, Vivo Nex.

This flagship device from Vivo will be a direct rival to the most popular phones on the market, and it’s packed with a range of next-generation features that allow Vivo to get as close as we’ve seen to the bezel-less phone. For example, it has an in-display fingerprint as well as a pop-up selfie camera.

There are actually three variants of the handset Vivo is calling “Nex”. The best one is the top-of-the-line Vivo Nex S, which boasts a Snapdragon 845 chipset, 8GB of RAM, an in-display fingerprint scanner and 256GB of storage. There is a second variant of the Nex S, with the only difference being 128GB of storage.  Finally, there’s the Vivo Nex A, which has a lesser Snapdragon 770 chipset, 6GB of RAM and a rear fingerprint scanner rather than one built into the screen.

And now for the bad news. Vivo NEX phones are set to launch in China only, and even then we don’t have a confirmed date when you’ll be able to buy it in China. It may come to other markets around the world in the future, but for now, the first launch is limited to China.

Speaking about the ability to buy, we also don’t have any info about the price of the device. Considering it’s a top-level phone, it’s reasonable to expect that the price will be in the range of other flagship devices like Huawei P20.

In the last year, the trend in phone design was to make the bezels as small as possible, choosing the 18:9 aspect ratio and putting a notch at the top of the screen to hide the important tech. But Vivo didn’t follow that trend, but opted for a variety of new technology to get an amazing 91.24% screen to body ratio. That means Vivo NEX is not totally bezel-less as some marketing would like to imply, but it’s still significant how little of the bezel there is.

To be able to make that happen, Vivo has used three different technologies. The first is a pop-up selfie camera that is in the top left edge of the phone.

Once you boot up the selfie mode, you’ll be greeted by the little camera mechanically jumping up so you can take your shot.

Next to the selfie camera there’s a 3.5mm headphone jack, while the bottom edge of the phone features the USB-C charging port and a single speaker for listening to general audio.

The third technology is including an in-display fingerprint sensor. This isn’t the first phone we’ve seen come to market with in-display security tech, but it’s still a novelty to just place your finger on the screen and watch it work its authentication magic.

The Vivo Nex is without any doubt an extraordinary device that comes with a significant number of innovative features and gives an alternative to the notch design for those who are desperate to own a bezel-less phone.

These new technologies may be implemented over the next few years by companies around the world, and we just hope the Vivo Nex will make itself big enough to be available all around the world as soon as possible.