Hey guys and welcome to another weekly review by Blue Moon Game! We have the very first game from UglyCake Games developer, titled Volcano Tower, under our magnifying glass today, and we will be thorough in exploring its features (which aren’t too many, but still fun).

The story goes like this: from inside a volcano, an endless tower sprouts to the heavens. Inside the tower, an evil spirit resides, and the villagers have been laying offerings to it for who knows how long out of fear. We are the tribe’s hero who will enter the tower and reclaim the riches that this spirit has taken. A tribesman shaman, or something akin to that, promises to help us in our endeavors using his magic. Turns out that he is a shopkeeper and you can buy power-ups in his voodoo crib. He also speaks in an unknown yet awesome language. All of this is featured in some sort of Pacific tribe style.

Volcano Tower is basically a platformer, but the platforming in the game is mixed with the obstacles falling mechanic. So basically, it’s a vertical-scroller kind of thing where you have to avoid the objects falling and then climb onto them to be able to progress further. The game is quite fast-paced though, so there isn’t much room to breathe and you have to be fast when avoiding the falling blocks. There are lots of collectibles and power-ups to grab along the way (gold and abilities that give you shields, slowed time, etc).

The game starts with you being at the bottom of the tower and once you get comfortable with the controls, the evil spirit awakens, floats up and starts raining blocks of stone and fire at you. Let’s talk about those controls that I have mentioned a bit. One thumb is used to move left or right and the other for jumping. And that’s perfectly fine, but I feel like the buttons are a bit on the smaller side. No, I don’t have huge fingers, trust me. I just feel that this could be a problem for some people, especially when in the heat of the action you miss tapping the correct button because the buttons aren’t large enough, you might die and get quickly frustrated.

The obstacles are well-done and the loot can be very alluring, so it can get you killed easily if you are greedy like I am. The blocks that fall on you come in different forms, sometimes akin to Tetris. Some of the blocks are on fire, so you have to be extra careful not to jump on them before they cool down. There are some flaming blocks which aren’t ablaze but sprout lava out of them occasionally, and those are even more dangerous. And there are more and more such obstacles as you make your climb.

When it comes to the shop, the power-ups are divided into several types. The most important ones (and the most expensive ones, of course) are those permanent double-jump types of abilities. Some make you faster, some make you jump higher, but you get the point. Others prolong the duration of in-game power-ups such as shield upgrade, slow time duration etc. The sound in the game is pretty cool.

Volcano Tower features ad-based revenue, which means that you will be watching ads (or skipping them). I haven’t seen any in-game purchases.

All in all, this is a fun little mix of genres, which isn’t anything very unusual these days. The aesthetics are cool and I really like them. The game might be too hard for some, so if you don’t like challenging games right off the bat, you might want to miss this one. Aside from all this, Volcano Tower doesn’t have too much to offer. Still, it’s a fun and pretty little game, which you can give a go if you are into this kind of games.


6.0 Fair
  • Atmosphere 6
  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 7
  • User Ratings (0 Votes) 0