Perfect World - The Vulpine Cometh

Vulpine Class Now Available in Perfect World Mobile!

A major update is coming to Perfect World!The Vulpine class makes her stupendous entrance, bringing with her a plethora of amazing features such as marriage system, new dungeons, additional equipment slots, in-game events, a master and apprentice system, and innumerable new UI for all players in Perfect World Mobile.

As a member of the Untamed family, Vulpine can shapeshift, changing between their bipedal and fox forms to give players more flexibility in their abilities and the way they can approach their adversaries. Both an exceptional damage-dealer and debuffer, the Vulpine stands as a formidable adversary to anyone foolish enough to face her and her legion of tamed pets.

With the Vulpine comes two new dungeons: Dusk Temple Nightfall and the Ethereal Abode. Both dungeons are designed for teams of six players at Lv. 99. Before the treacherous perils of the Dusk Temple, players will have to put their skills to the test in a challenge run, while the Ethereal Abode will have teams of players participating in cultivation runs to enhance their power. The climax of Dusk Temple Nightfall will have players in a showdown with the King of Evening and his court, resurrected by a mysterious benefactor to bring chaos into Perfect World. The Ether Fairy and the Lunar Envoy, on the other hand, await all worthy challengers within the Ethereal Abode; overcoming their power over of the elements of dawn, moon, and the division of dark and light itself will prove to be a herculean task for even the hardiest of players.

Players will also be able to participate in the Demonic Beast Invasion: an all-new in-game event. Every Saturday evening, starting from 4 pm, players guilds will have the opportunity to face these world-quaking bosses in an open battle. Guild Masters will be able to arrange their guild’s roster and choose which boss they wish to face. Each boss will offer different rewards so choose wisely. With the defeat of a boss, powerful essences will be released across three scenes of battle and players will have the opportunity to earn additional rewards through the purification of said essences. However, time is of the utmost importance as other players will also have an opening to snatch the rewards from these essences, so be prepared for some major PVP action!

Beyond classes, dungeons, and events, Perfect World is also taking in-game social interaction to a new level with the new Master and Apprentice system. Players will be able to learn from their peers and seek out notable mentors (at Lv. 59 or above) who can then agree to take them as disciples and share in their knowledge. Masters and apprentices who join the same dungeons and runs will also be able to obtain spirit multipliers, experience multipliers, and also mentorship points which can then be exchanged for rewards at the mentorship store.

Players who are looking to enhance their equipment are also in luck, as additional equipment slots are on the way! These slots include the Love Mirrors that are meant to enhance players at Lv. 79 or higher, while players at level 89 and above will be able to earn Love Mirrors through cultivation runs. The Owner Sigil equipment slot will be available for level 80 players who have joined a guild and initiated the Owner Sigil mission. 

Finally, new UI features have also been added. This includes new interactive emotes, the option to reject incoming friend requests, as well as custom portraits, allowing players to upload their own pictures to shape their in-game avatar.  Players can enjoy all these incredible features and more right now, for free, by downloading Perfect World Mobile for iOS and Android. For more information on Perfect World Mobile visit the official site here.


  • A Massive continent – 60,000 square kilometers; 3-dimensions; smooth transitions made for adventure and exploration
  • Perfect World Resurrected – Next-gen graphics breathes new life into the classic locales in Perfect World, blessing the land with realistic lighting and shadows
  • Unique and Varied Races – Play as the Humans, Untamed, or Winged Elves and explore their personalized cultures and aesthetics
  • Deep Class Design – Experience a myriad of fantastic classic classes, each powerful and balanced in their own way
  • Aerogears – Take to the skies with your personal in-game flying device, making the horizon just another destination for you
  • Epic combat – Engage in combat unfettered by any constraints in air, land, or sea
  • Enhance your Spirit – Balance your Yin and Yang and ascend to strengthen your characters’ spirits to achieve immortality

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