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Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower | First Impressions

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Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower is the latest addition to the hefty Warhammer series, this time coming as a bold turn-based mobile RPG with innovative mechanics and interesting stuff. I was delighted to try it early on, as the game doesn’t have more than 1000 downloads at this point, and I must say I liked it.

Here’s why…

Warhammer Quest Silver Tower

Development and reception

While it is way too early to talk about the reception, since the game came out less than 24 hours before the time of this writing, I must already notice positive feedback on both Google Play and the iTunes App Store. There aren’t enough votes to form a respectable score, but the game is circling around 4 stars.

It is offered by Perchang Limited, who also offer Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times in their portfolio, as well as a game 3D ball puzzler game titled eponymously. They are both the game’s developer and publisher and Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower is their current prize showcase.

Warhammer Quest Silver Tower


Right off the bat, I must admit the game looks, feels, and plays very differently compared to other Warhammer tactical games, and especially different compared to other tactical RPGs. Firstly, the story takes us to The Silver Tower, with a welcoming message as follows:

“The Silver Tower is the chaotic and dangerous lair of the hideous gaunt summoner. 

 Champions from across the mortal realms enter this cursed place.

 All have their reasons. Honor, glory, vengeance, or even to gain the favor of the gods themselves.

 They must survive deadly trials and seek out the eight pieces of the chaos amulet…

…then confront the Summoner”

Players are welcomed by Tweak, a helper of sorts, and one of the many ancient mythological creatures encountered in the tower. While we learn about combat, we also take our first steps into the world of Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, and I must admit it is very refreshing for a game to use Greek Mythology visual style, rather than anime fantasy, which is a trend in the past half a decade no doubt.

Warhammer Quest Silver Tower


Every player has their own Champions (characters, heroes) which are dispersed on the battlefield. Each champion has action points and each action costs a certain amount. You tap the champion you wish to act and perform actions according to your strategy and availability.

Champions also have their own health pools, gear, stuff like range, and also special abilities. What is important to note is that no part of this game uses idle mechanics. Everything is player-controlled and demands your full attention.

In fact, there are so many small details, figures, and info that one might spend a considerable amount of time studying everything. This is where the game really starts to look like old school Warhammer titles, with overwhelming information about every possible aspect of the game.

Outside of combat the game also has its unique solutions. The player goes through stages of the Silver Tower, unlocking chapters, each with its own challenges. It also uses the Summoning gacha mechanic. You need Summoning Stones to summon champions.

Warhammer Quest Silver Tower


As mentioned, the game’s visual style is what appealed to me initially. It uses solid graphics and lighting, but its advantage lies in using models that are styled to look like characters from Greek mythology. The models are quite miniature and don’t show off too many details, while animations are decent.

Warhammer Quest Silver Tower

Tech Compatibility

Despite the miniature modeling and a somewhat toned-down approach to graphics and lighting, deep details and numerous mechanics that happen behind the screen make this game run somewhat slow on my Huawei Prime Y7 2018. It is a 2-year old phone, with Snapdragon 430 and Adreno 505, considered below average today. But, to run Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower seamlessly, you will need something stronger.

Warhammer Quest Silver Tower

Free-to-play Friendly

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower is completely free-to-play and my experience so far with the game is that is is very easy on the player in this regard. Ads are offered only as an option to multiply your reward after a successful stage win, while I have yet to encounter a paywall.

Warhammer Quest Silver Tower


For early impressions, I have nothing but positive thoughts about Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower. It is a game in its own right, that has innovative story moments, gameplay mechanics, and uses all aspects to its advantage. It certainly doesn’t overreach in any way and it is a game with a lot of detail, mechanics, and planning for true Warhammer fans who love the franchises precisely because of those things.