Contender to Compose Music for LOTR Series

We Have a Contender to Compose Music for LotR Series

We all lovingly remember the score for Lord of the Rings movies by Howard Shore. However, a position of a music composer for the Amazon TV series is still up for grabs unless Shore decides to participate. But the position may have a lot of contenders, being that it’s not the only LotR we are talking about here, but also a high-profile TV project with a budget of 100 million dollars.

Howard Shore - Lord Of The Rings

The first person that expressed the desire to work on Amazon’s LotR TV series is none other than music composer Jeremy Soule who made an excellent score for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by Bethesda. He even asked his fans via Twitter if they think it’s a good idea. Impressive 95% said they want him as the new LotR composer which gave this musician hope.

“Still blown away by your response! Thanks, everyone! I’m doing a little networking on this…” said Soule in a Twitter post. “I hope I can bring this world to life in music for you. It will just depend on factors beyond my control.”

Jeremy Soule is an acknowledged composer in the gaming community. Besides The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim, he did music for other popular titles like Guild Wars and several Harry Potter games. Also, let’s not forget a job masterfully done for the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic which really fit nicely with the whole universe and story. Therefore, he might be the right person to consider if Shore is not coming back, although this will be the biggest project he worked on by far.

Jeremy Soule - Lord Of The RIngs

Amazon is still very silent about the project so at this point we know nothing about what to expect when it comes to music for this untitled LotR project. And they haven’t made announcements about the cast yet as well which is really starting to worry fans. The only thing announced so far is that JD Payne and Patrick McKay who are also working on the Star Trek 4 movie and don’t have any big projects in their portfolio.

Based on the contract Amazon and LotR right-holders signed, this TV show must start with the production in the next two years so that at least gives us hope that we will soon have more details about the cast and maybe other positions that we specifically pay attention to.