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HBO’s Westworld now has a mobile game for iOS, and it looks very true to the TV show. Unfortunately, it is still in the soft launch phase, so it is still only available in select countries, but there is a way you can bypass this and play it right now on your iPhone.


This game looks pretty intriguing, offering many new mechanics for a mobile game. As I mentioned, it is very true to the original TV show, so the gameplay naturally had to follow this. You can create your own futuristic amusement park, set in the Wild West age, with all the aspects of the TV show mandatory for you to manage.

This park’s staff is filled with robots, called the “Hosts”, as the fans of the show undoubtedly already know. The host’s sole purpose is to cater to the wealthy visitors and be at their disposal for all their whims. The guests can, therefore, live out their wildest fantasies and desires, no matter how immoral or degrading they may be, without any consequences or judgment.

As the head of the park, it is your duty to ensure everything functions properly and all the guests are paired with their matching hosts. You also need to worry about many other inner workings and mechanics of the park.

Westworld offers plenty of activities for the guests, and plenty of tasks for you to manage. You will need to upgrade your facilities, manage resources, and keep up with the ever-growing visitor count. You also need to stay immersed in your AI hosts’ development and behavior, making sure they do not glitch as they do in the TV show (SPOILER ALERT!).

When hosts begin to malfunction and glitch, they begin questioning their reality and gain consciousness, which is bad considering they are a part of a simulated world. This I feel is one of the main appealing aspects of the whole story, by the way.

How to Bypass the Country Restriction

Westworld will run on all iOS devices released in 2013 or later, if they have an iOS 8 or higher. The game is currently only available in Denmark, Finland, Indonesia, Norway, Philippines, and Sweden, so you will have to create an Apple ID based in one of those countries. This will benefit you for other games probably, as the majority of games in soft launch phase get released there first.

You know the drill – sign up for a new Apple ID using a valid email account and a realistic home address for the country you’re going to spoof.

When you do that, simply sign in with your spoofed account on your iOS device.

My Full Impression of the Game

Remember, the game is in its soft launch phase, so it is not fully developed and I was pretty relaxed with my opinion. Despite this, it looks really good. The graphics are great, the gameplay immersive, and the innovative mechanics are rather refreshing compared to the usual games I play. I wouldn’t say this game is set fully in any genre specifically, though it has some strategy elements. Its main appeal is that it is story driven, and you are in control of everything, meaning your game experience will probably be unique and your own.

It is certainly worth a try, so if you do not want to wait for the full launch, do the work-around and play it now. Enjoy!

7.3 Good
  • Atmosphere 7
  • Graphics 7
  • Gameplay 8
  • User Ratings (1 Votes) 9