War Heroes Update

WH – Update 2.9.2 (05.11.2018.)

Another War Heroes update is out, and it further fine-tunes some units, by slightly changing their stats.

Units rebalanced in this update:

War Heroes Airborne Division

Airborne Division has been updated again but this time around it was hit by a nerf hammer, as the devs found out that paras are too powerful if they can act immediately upon touching the ground. The number of transport planes has been reduced from 4 to 3, and the total number of paratroopers from 12 to 9. Even though the Airborne Division has been effectively weakened by 25%, paras are still effective at surprise attacks but are no longer a viable option to brute force your opponent.

War Heroes Grenadier

Grenadiers attack speed has been decreased from 1.2 sec to 1.3 seconds. This isn’t a significant change.

War Heroes Artillery

Artillery damage radius increased from 1.5 to 2.0, making it more effective vs groups of tightly packed enemies. Slight buff for this card.

War Heroes Seeker

Seeker speed increased by 12.5%, after the initial charge up period. Now, these little bad boys will move even faster towards enemy buildings.

War Heroes Turret

Turret damage increased from 65 to 87, attack speed decreased from 0.3 sec to 0.4 sec. After this update, DPS of the Turret will remain unchanged, however, it will making enable him to one-shot most weaker units. Thus, the Turret receives a small buff.

War Heroes Heavy Gunner

Heavy Gunner speed increased from slow to medium. Long preparation time and the slow speed really made this unit feel clumsy. Now, your Heavy Gunner will be able to move faster, and that’s a really welcoming change.

War Heroes BarracksBarracks get another small buff. Deploy time for the Riflemen is reduced by an additional 0.5 seconds (from 7.0 to 6.5 seconds), and this will probably be the end of the buffs for this card. Additional reduction for the Riflemen spawning is more than likely to make it OP.