War Heroes Update

WH – Update 2.9.2 (09.10.2018.)

War Heroes update is out! This update will make paratroopers slightly better, while also nerfing Manfred Von Paratropen and Bernard Montrooperi since both of them have abilities that spawn paras.

Units rebalanced in this update:

War Heroes Airborne Division 1. All paratrooper units (Paratroopers and Airborne Division cards) – Will be active the moment they touch the ground, and will no longer have that slight delay when they were unable to attack/move immediately upon landing. This change might increase the popularity of Paratroopers, so check out the best ways to counter the Airborne Division.

War Heroes Barracks 2. Barracks – Building lifetime is reduced from 18 to 16 seconds and spawn interval from 8 to 7 seconds. I totally agree with this change because Rifleman took way too long to spawn, giving the opposing player more than enough time to destroy them and the Barracks with bomb cards. This was one of the main reasons why I rarely used them, but that might change after this update.

War Heroes Generator3. Power Generator – Health increased by approximately 10%. Well, this will slightly increase the survivability of the Power Generator. Seems OK change.

War Heroes APC4. APC – Health increased by 4 %. A bit more HP will make APC only slightly better, but that might be enough to make it worth it. As far as I can tell this card was a bit underused before the update.

Generals rebalanced in this update:

Manfred Von Paratroopen1. Manfred Von Paratroopen – He will mow spawn Recruits instead of Soldiers when Tactical Copters gets destroyed. However, he will still spawn Soldiers from Assault Chopper and Bomber Chopper. Welcoming change, because this was one of the most overused generals, and the only tactic with him was to spam Copters and “get” a lot of free Soldiers that will eventually overrun the opponent.

Bernard Montrooperi2. Bernard Montrooperi – Time between Paratrooper drops increased from 30 to 40 seconds. Bernard is, hands down, one of my favorite generals and this change shouldn’t affect his effectiveness too much. After all, Paratroopers will now be able to act as soon as they land, so without increased time between the waves he would probably be a bit OP. But damn, now we’ll have to re-learn how to time the attacks with Berni.

Mikhail Chopperchev3. Mikhail Chopperchev – His wave of Tactical Copters will now move 45% faster. This guy wasn’t really that good except in a first few Warzones, so increase in speed of his Copters seems like a good idea. I’m just not sure if 45% is a right number, it seems a bit too high but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Joseph Shieldson4. Joseph Shieldson – His light vehicles will no longer have increased Hp, while medium and heavy vehicles will gain 20 and 10% more Hp respectively. Looks like a good idea, being destroyed by Seekers on steroids was no fun at all. Now, this guy will actually play as he was intended to from the get-go – with medium and heavy vehicles. We all know who the guy in the picture historically was and bikes and other like vehicles were not his thing.