Arena of Valor DC

What Are DC characters doing in Arena of Valor?

Chances are you’ve heard of this game precisely because it has DC characters in it. Either a friend told you about the awesome new MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) which features powerful heroes from the DC universe, or more likely you heard the following: AoV “Batman! There’s a game like LoL where you play Batman and Superman!”

Whatever the case, mobile games have often had cross-promotional marketing strategies. Remember Mobile Strike and Mr. Olimpia himself – Arnold Schwarzenegger? But, this time around it wasn’t just that a company paid some big shot star to come and promote it, they actually had to put a lot of money and effort into this.

What I mean by this is that by acquiring the rights to DC comic book characters they had to think of the best way to implement them into the game. They had to design their abilities and whole gameplay experience to do the characters justice. And, by what I’ve seen, they didn’t disappoint.

Other characters that belong to the universe of the Arena of Valor game (AoV) are very well done in terms of abilities and skills. You will find naturally plenty of abilities that correspond perhaps to some other you seen in other similar games, like Dota or Lol. But, these DC characters rarely have abilities seen so far in a game of this type. Actually, their skills, abilities, talents, and animations are innovative and very well done.

By playing any of these DC characters, you will actually have the experience of reliving the experience from the comics and movies. They also made a good call with deciding on the roles of these characters. In some cases, the characters from the DC universe have various different depictions in comic books and movies, and Tencent also made wise decisions on which version of the character to follow up.


To set an example of what I mean, Superman is designed according to the characters own lore and design from the movies and comic books. He is strong and tough, has flight which is very well sorted and actually a vital part of his general functions. He also has frost breath and heat vision witch add nicely to his ability pool.
By playing him or against him, you will actually have the feeling of dealing with the Man of Steel, an indestructible alien with incredible power, although he is naturally not indestructible, but still… This version of the character perhaps best suits the Superman version from Superman TAS.


Batman is a very cunning and capable character in the comic books and movies and has excellent stealth skills. In AoV he is also a stealthy hero, capable of invisibility and quickly taking down enemy heroes. His set of abilities and skills mirrors the character lore nicely, especially his cape significance. This version of Batman best corresponds to the character’s version from the Batman TAS.

We played Batman and we singled out a lot of data for better playing, in our AoV Batman Guide in the link below. You can read more about our playing and thoughts…



The Joker in AoV also best suits his version in the Batman TAS, with some additional likeness to The Dark Knight movie, the second one in the Chris Nolan trilogy. He holds a card and a gun in his hands, while launching a ridiculously large rocket on his enemies, which he takes out of his pocket. He is also quite elusive, pulling disappearing acts easy.