What happens when you launch 3 nukes on Fallout 76? A fallout of the servers, of course


Bethesda’s newest title Fallout 76, which is a multiplayer only game, didn’t have the most fortunate launch, to say at least. Aside from the traditional bugs and hardware hiccups, the game content was so boring and uninspiring the players already started to wreak havoc on the servers in an attempt to squeeze at least some fun out of the game.

But first, let’s tell you something about how nukes work in this game. Nukes, Fallout’s take on raids, are a mechanic that allows players to transform a location so that it spawns higher-level enemies with better loot. Nuking a certain location isn’t supposed to be easy: you have to collect multiple codes that spawn randomly, and then you have to figure out a cipher to put these codes into use. Some players, however, have automated cipher process in addition to amassing a lot of codes through plenty of playtime. So now Fallout 76 players have to make decisions about whether to offload their payload on the map.

Fallout76 Nuking

During one of those experiments, the players found out what happens when you launch one of the nukes at fissure site: A giant, high-level Scorchbeast Queen appears, and with her a bunch of endgame loot. The players who discovered that apparently were curious to see what would happen if they launched three nukes from three different missile silos at the same time. Because the only thing better than one nuke is three nukes, right? Wrong.

3 nukes on Fallout 76

The squad gathered and fired their nukes, aiming them at the same spot on the map. The result was spectacular, with three giant mushroom clouds and a huge detonation which scorched massive area of the map. Unfortunately, the players weren’t able the reap the spoils of their experiment. About a minute after the explosion the server crashed, disconnecting all the players from the network before they could see a Scorchbeast Queen three times bigger than the previous one emerging from the ashes.

Fallout Scorchbeast Queen

It is still possible that disconnection might not be directly related to the three nukes detonating at once. The other players were reporting random disconnections without any bombs going off, which is not surprising considering how half-baked the game is. With all said, maybe the same team will try this experiment again and we will finally see what really happens at point zero of three nuclear bombs.