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What is the bestselling Pokémon game?

Pokémon as we all know, rates up there as one of the best selling game franchises ever developed. Only one other game series has been successful in beating it and that is the Mario series.

Mario series which was made up of Super Mario, Mario Kart and so much more, has sold an estimated over 570 million copies worldwide. Pokémon which follows close behind has sold 301 million copies. The iconic video game franchises of FIFA and GTA, all come behind Pokémon when it comes to success. With sales of both games at an estimated 260 and 280 million respectively. These two games are followed by Call of Duty, the famous first-person shooter game, which has an estimated sales of 250 million copies sold.

Moving back to Pokémon, here are some of the bestselling games in series plus the best Pokemon packs to buy.

1. Pokemon Red/Blue/Green/Yellow.

With sales estimated at over 46.02 million copies, the first ever Pokémon game still sits at the top as the bestselling and most successful. First released in 1996 on Gameboy and even today, people still first go for Pokémon Red and Blue.

Pokemon Green was released to the Japanese audience and isn’t as popular as the others, but it still adds some contributions to the sales of Red and Blue. The combined sales stand at a whopping 31.38 million sales while Pokemon Yellows has sold 14.64 million copies.

2. Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal.

The next in line in the Pokemon series is the Pokemon Gold/ Silver and Crystal. The popularity of the first game led to the release of the second game. Although there was a huge gap between when the first game was released and the second, but it was also dependent on your region. While the Japanese got Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal in 1999, in Europe is was in the year 2001. It was still released on Gameboy Color and was based on the Johto region.

The estimated sales for this game was 29.49 million with Pokemon Gold and Silver contributing the bulk of the sales at 23.1 million.

3. Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum

Released on the Nintendo DS where Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. The Pokemon Platinum was the enhanced version of the Diamond and Pearl and it was released two years after. It this new enhanced versions, the Pokemon games series introduced five time periods, which was different from the Gold and Silver which had just three and also several changes to the battles mechanics of the game.

The sales for Pokemon Gold/Silver/Platinum is 25.27 million when first released in 2006. Pokemon Platinum generated 7.6 million while Diamond and Pearl were 17.67 million combined.

4. Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald

This Pokemon game was released on Gameboy Advance and it was the third Pokemon game to be released. It hit Japan first in 2002 giving them a head start from the rest of the world. But, everyone else had access to the game by July of 2003. This was the first Pokemon game to introduce double battles. Emerald which is the enhanced version of Ruby and Sapphire continues the similar trends of the game whereby it produced more sales than its predecessors. Of the sales made on Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald which is 23.28 million on release, Emerald contributed 7.06 million.

5. Pokemon X and Y

Some might think these new generation of Pokemon would surpass the earlier versions when it comes to sales. However, even though that has not been the case, these new generation games have been the first released on new Nintendo handheld hardware.

Pokemon X and Y is the first Pokemon game to feature fully 3D polygonal graphics, appear on Nintendo 3DS and appear on handheld. This new game also featured mega evolution for the first time in the history of Pokemon games. The game was released in 2013 and Pokemon X and Y has a combined sales of 16.37 million copies.

There are other Pokemon games that although successful did not meet up with the five listed above. They are;

6. Pokemon Sun/Moon

The release of the game as announced in February of 2016, but worldwide release wasn’t till November of the same year. This was in commemoration of the games series 20th anniversary. Released on Nintendo 3DS, it is the first instalment of the seventh generation of Pokemon. It came with 81 new Pokemon species and numerous new features to make the game more interesting, improved polygonal 3D graphics, updated battles, training mechanics and more. Pokemon Sun/Moon has a record sales of 16.15 million copies and it is ranked as the third-best selling Nintendo 3D title.

7. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

Released as a modified storyline, this new version was released in November 2017. It was the second instalment of the seventh generation of the main Pokemon and also for Nintendo 3DS as well. It was set in Hawaii based Alola region, alternate storyline, several new characters, new gameplay features, forms, Pokemon. Just like other titles, the game follows the Pokemon-training journey of a young trainer across the region. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon sold over 8 million copies.

The Pokemon games series has had numerous success as the years go by. Still one of the most best selling games out there, the game only gets better. With fans and Pokemon enthusiasts waiting for the release of the new game title from Pokemon called Pokemon Sword and Shield. There were reports of a possible release date sometime in mid-2019 but from indications it might be at the end of the year, most likely November 2019. There promises to be exciting new features to the Pokemon game with this new release and you know it will be available on Nintendo plus the game will be released on Switch. The USUM game take the potential of 3DS hardware to the maximum, so going forward all the future main series of the Pokemon game will be released on Switch.

Pokemon is indeed a great game to play anytime.