Wild West New Frontier

People play games for various reasons, but it is usually to partake in a fantasy adventure or to otherwise experience something which is alternative to our own reality. This is a good escape if you have the enthusiasm, but some people simply want to relax and to enjoy spending time poking their phone, or whichever platform they use. Wild West New Frontier is just such a game, designed to help you relax and enjoy what little free time you may have during the day.

Bringing the Farmville experience to a whole new level, Social Quantum developed Wild West: New Frontier with the intention of reaching the wider audience, not necessarily hardcore gamers and such. Now, Farmville’s success was reliant on precisely the previously mentioned prerogatives. It was a fun and cute game, which had the progression aspect to it but at the same time did not ask for too much time in return. Any player could easily get the full flavor with 10 minutes a day.

It was perfect as a Facebook game and it hooked into a wide audience, mostly women.

The Gameplay

Wild West: New Frontier as mentioned took the Farmville concept and enhanced it, with improved features, more detail, better-looking models, and an overall incomparable mechanics. The only thing missing here is the Facebook social aspect, but you can naturally have friends and allies in-game, as it is a multiplayer online game.

It features an all-encompassing farming experience, with you at the head of an old-school domestic environment. You’ve got the barns, farms, crops, and even old-school American houses with white fence and porches.

You can trade via caravans and even cooperate with the natives, and this is where the game gets its name. It sets you back in the time of the first pilgrims, but this time tries to tell the story in terms of ‘what if we worked together?’

From the game’s title, it is obvious that the game puts the player in the old Wild West American times, but without the violence this time. It is interesting to see how you cooperate and communicate with the natives, as there are also all other activities featured that the American forefathers had to deal with, like building trade routes and such stuff.

The game is free to play, and in absolutely no way does it require you to spend real money to advance. You can achieve anything in the game on your own, for free. It won’t even take too much of your time.

The achievement system is also featured in, as the progression is done not solely through improving your farm but by leveling your character i.e. account.

The game looks adorable and it is sure to impress anyone, especially types of people who are not too much into gaming, like your parents, girlfriend, or even grandparents. It is designed to bring satisfaction without asking too much time and effort, but at the same time, there is stuff you can do if you can spare more than a few minutes daily. Overall, Wild West: New Frontier gives you a pleasant view of a pleasant farming environment, with a better version of American history.

Wild West New Frontier



Overall, Wild West: New Frontier gives you a pleasant view of a pleasant farming environment, with a better version of American history.

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