Tapping games, the extremely casual part of the mobile games market, with games such as flappy bird starting the trend they have become one of the main game genres in the developer’s handbook, aren’t too complex to make but can be fun for short playing instances.

That’s where ZPLAY Games comes in with their new title Will hero.

The game plays out pretty simple, your hero jumps up and down in a line on the ground, you tap to make him go right, with your objective being to get to the end, however, be careful on your journey, you might get stomped by the enemy or fall to your death. If you are easily frustrated and impatient this probably isn’t the game for you, since it will require good timing and precise movement.

What makes this game unique is the weapons, of which you have four, with them depending on the hero you are playing. You start with no weapons but collect them in chests that you find on your journey, each time you collect the same weapon it gets upgraded, and you can tap to choose which weapon you wish to use, some might be better close range while others are long range, some might make an explosion while others cut your green enemies in half.

There are other features as well, you can upgrade your tower to get spells that you can use in battle. They help out quite a bit when you are stuck in a bad situation and need to clear out a group of enemies.

Ads can get annoying at times, but you don’t get them too often and most of the time you can just skip them, so it’s not that big of a deal.

Will hero might not be the most complex game on the market, but it is worth trying out for some casual tapping fun.

You can get Will Hero for free on Android and iOS for free.