BlizzCon 2019

Will Overwatch 2 be revealed in BlizzCon?

Would you like to play Overwatch 2? Well, who wouldn’t?! The fans of the game have begun to spread rumors and to speculate about the sequel that is unconfirmed, but there is a lot of leakages. And now, with the upcoming BlizzCon upon us (next week), we are all beginning to suspect the big reveal is saved up for this occasion, and we don’t mind that the surprise is perhaps spoiled because it is worth it.


The main leak comes for an intimate schedule for the BlizzCon 2019 demos, which was obtained by a respectable online source. The alleged document shows that Overwatch 2 demonstration is included. Furthermore, and this is the best part, the leaks say that the sequel to Blizzard’s acclaimed team-based multiplayer FPS will feature new PvE features like the Hero Talent System and a new storyline of course. All this is said to be revealed at the festival held next week so people are expecting that it is not far from the truth.

In a retrospective, Blizzard’s Overwatch has been incredibly successful, not just as a game but as a new and innovative concept. Sure, the shooter has brought the multiplayer FPS genre back from the dead and pushed it further than anyone thought it could, but the game also brought Blizzard back from a downward spiral. The company was, according to some reports, desperate for a solution for it was getting way behind the competitor developing and publishing firms, who were taking over the marked Blizzard practically created.

This game, along with some other titles like Heroes of the Storm, represented their thinking outside the box and the company’s transition to mainstream trends. In fact, it’s what created new trends as spin-offs immediately followed.


Now, we have the entire web spreading rumors and finding leaks just to catch a glimpse of a few drops of the upcoming sequel, which is arriving right on time, and according to ESPN, the source of the document leak, it’s going to be great.

The reports speak of the mentioned new features, like the Hero Talent System and how the game is now also including a PvE mode, but there are also talks about a co-op campaign.

“Notably, the Overwatch logo now has a small orange ‘2’ indexed in the top right corner. Hero talents and in-game items are coming to Overwatch 2 PvE, and one of the missions will be a four-player story experience set in Rio de Janeiro, as opposed to the 6v6 gameplay in the original Overwatch.

While much of the focus will be on story and narrative elements, Overwatch will see its first new mode since the game was released in beta in 2015, with ‘Push’ set to be unveiled alongside Assault, Control, Escort, Hybrid. Push will be set on a new map based in ‘Toronto’, according to the document.” –ESPN


BlizzCon 2019 date is set from November 1st through 2nd and these leaks tell us that there will be more announcements and demonstrations, other than Overwatch 2. As of now, all this info is still just in a rumor phase, but at this point, we do expect that the company we grew up with will make good on their fans.