Witcheye is coming to Android very soon, pre-registration is open


Witcheye Android pre-registration is now open as this beautiful platformer game will come to Google Play on August 15th. Pre-register period began yesterday, August 5th and you have 10 days to secure your early bird claim at this game. Now, what makes this game worth considering is its developed, old school style gameplay which will cause butterflies in your belly…

If you grew up in the ‘90s, you enjoyed NES games for sure. Remember The Great Gatsby for NES? It was a critically acclaimed platformer that still has games all over the web posting speedruns and playthroughs. Well, Witcheye is by the same man, Peter Malamud Smith, who is now a one man developer army and he tweeted the game’s official release date yesterday. The game will be published by DevolverDigital on Google Play.

Witcheye Android release date is set for August 15th, 2019, pre register here!

Besides featuring the fan-favorite pixel art, this game has some crazy platformer action, ideas that are out of this world, and is followed by a groovy soundtrack, just what we love from the old days. The game’s official motto is ‘an eye-popping adventure’ and you literally play as a popping eye. The game has been developed with touchscreen controls in mind as you will have the never-before-seen popping action. Your character, the Witcheye, can be controlled by swiping in the direction you wish it to float, as it will then bounce off of obstacles, buildings, and even enemies, avoiding danger and solving puzzles. There are 50+ levels waiting for all hard-core old school platform lovers.

Witcheye mobile game features:

  • Unique and intuitive controls innovative for mobile devices
  • 50+ fast-paced levels with over 100 enemies in unique environments with bosses and minibosses
  • Cool old school pixel art visual style
  • 30+ original old school 16-bit soundtracks
  • Unlockable modes, challenges, and other bonuses including the Hard Mode with remixed levels and enemies