Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap Review


Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap mobile game release date was on May 30, 2019, and it represents the final stage of a long, long journey. This action/platform/adventure is a part of an old school console platform Wonder Boy series from the ‘80s, more particularly it is a remake of Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap which was arguably the most popular of the series. During the past two years, the game came back from the dead and conquered all major platforms and now it rounds up its ensemble with a mobile version.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap remake surprised everyone when it came out on Switch, Xbox One, and PS4 back in April 2017. It was a pleasant addition for all those who played it growing up in the ‘80s and the ‘90s. Then the real surprise came a few months later when Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap PC game came out, then macOS and Linux followed, and now iOS and Android.

The original game back in the ‘80s was made by a well-known company called Westone and published by Sega. Now, Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Journey development is signed by Lizardcube and DotEmu handled the publishing part.



After less than a week on Google Play, Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap Android managed to score 4.4 stars and a high number of downloads despite it being around $10, depending on the region. On the iTunes App Store, Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap iOS scored 4.2 stars and is #68 in Adventure genre with a lower price of around $6. The game’s reviews and scores are mostly solid or positive.

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Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap gameplay and development

As a remake of the Wonder Boy III, this new millennium version of the game represents perhaps the best remake job done in a long time and the Lizardcube deserves high praise for their work. They reverse engineered the entire gameplay from the game’s Master System code. The signature feeling of the game was preserved and wrapped up in a new and beautiful, hand-drawn graphics pack with impeccable music tracks.

Story-wise, Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap story is set after the events of the Wonder Boy in Monster Land, which was a 1987 arcade release and the sequel to the very first game of the franchise simply called Wonder Boy. Remade in detail, down to virtually every mob attacking you, this new millennium version has replaced generic backgrounds and settings with again incredibly well-designed backgrounds and has brought the old school adventuring exhibition to us in this time and age successfully.

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Wonder Boy story plot

If you were never acquainted with this game, in Wonder Boy series you control a boy-adventurer who traverses a fantasy land and slays dragons of all sorts. Now, when the Boy initially slew a Mecha Dragon, he became infected with a disease or a curse that has turned him into something resembling a humanoid dragon or a Lizard-Man. To get back to his original form, the Wonder Boy must try and slay all of the world’s dragons, which all give him some form of a shape-shift, before finally returning to human form. Now, this part of the story is directly connected to the gameplay for every new form the player takes offers a new gameplay feature, such as Fire Breath, Climbing Walls, Breathing Underwater, and similar stuff.

Also, Wonder Boy adventure action-platformer contained very intricate crafting and gear system, and it is again present in this remake/remastered version. The boss fights are particularly well-done in this game, for you will take on large dragons in ridiculous costumes. The entire game actually has a sort of a funny side to it but with very serious and often challenging gameplay underneath.


Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap mobile game and all other remake and remaster versions for their respective platforms all represent perhaps the best remastering job seen today. The game’s original style was completely preserved, some moments in the game completely mirror the ‘80s original. The improved hand-drawn graphics, paired with fine rendering and a wonderful soundtrack make up for one of the best old school platform revivals. The ensemble is concluded with the game relapsing into the old version on some occasions, together with 8-bit sound and graphics, which is a trip down memory lane for many fans. Definitely recommended and well worth the price.

8.3 Awesome
  • Atmosphere 8
  • Graphics 9
  • Gameplay 8
  • User Ratings (1 Votes) 8.9