World of Demons

World of Demons mobile is already out in Asia and the game is expected to be available for the rest of the world sometime during the summer of 2018. Bringing their own flavor of action games to Android and iOS, PlatinumGames developed this title together with DeNA mobile company. They wanted to revive the action from such games as Devil May Cry or Bayonetta and bring Hack & Slash to touchscreen devices in style.

After three long years of development, PlatinumGames and DeNA put their best efforts to port this gameplay style to mobile, with the DeNA product manager and producer Andrew Szymanski saying that they specifically made efforts not to dumb down the game due to the platform, and although the controls are simplified, the gameplay is the same as this genre demands.

During the demo presentation back in March 2018, the developers specifically promised:

“No compromises and no dumbing down due to the platform.”


The story begins long ago, in mythological ages, where humans shared the world with nature-spirits called Yokai and ferocious demons called Oni. Humans befriended the Yokai and respected their powers and in turn, the Yokai shared their knowledge and wisdom with the humans. Many Yokai even lived with humans, as the alliance leads to happiness and prosperity for all.

The demonic Oni grew jealous of this and their king Shuten Doji ordered an all-out attack on both the humans and the Yukai. The Oni burned entire villages, killed everyone who stood in their way, and enslaved many humans and Yukai. The human Emperor ordered the samurai Yorimitsu and his four disciples to kill the demonic king, Shuten Doji. The samurai band did manage to infiltrate his lair and decapitate the demon-king.

Shuten Doji’s head was buried as Yorimitsu’s men and their descendants all pledged to guard the grave with their lives, and they were called the Guardians.

Everything was peaceful and quiet for over a century when the Guardians suddenly began dying. After they were all slain, Shuten Doji returned back to life and the Earth was in great peril once more. It was revealed that the Oni managed to kill the Guardians and free their king from the afterlife with the help of a young warrior named Onimaru, who unwillingly did the demon’s bidding.

Now free from demonic control, Onimaru has pledged to redeem himself, and stop Shuten Doji once more, but as you might imagine nobody trusts him…

The Gameplay

This game features two phases, the preparation, and the actual combat phases. At the very beginning, you are introduced to Sakura, who is your guide through the games functions and features, and you are instructed to undertake training as a sort of a tutorial stage.

During the tutorial stage, you will learn the basics of both of the World of Demons game phases. The out-of-combat or the preparation stage lets you choose missions, access the blacksmith, open chests, reap rewards, and spend your currency on various other stuff, all needed in the game.

This game features well-known combo style hack & slash combat, but with various tricks which directly affect the gameplay. For instance, World of Demons game features Elemental affinity, which means that with proper elemental combinations you can significantly increase your combat damage output. Enemies each have their own elemental weakness, which if matched will provide the bonus needed to overcome him.

Once you enter combat, your enemy will automatically be focused as you attack it and perform slashes and abilities with swipes across the touchscreen. You also need to master evasion, countering, and Ultima attacks which are performed when you time your dodge well to trigger and Awakening.

You then trigger an Ultima attack by swiping your finger to trace the symbol on the screen.

You can also recruit Yokai Minions, which are your allies in the battle against the Demons. You can have up to three active at any one time, each giving you different bonuses, like bonus damage, health, and other advantages.

As you progress, you will gain new abilities, all in sync with different elements.


This game looks very nice, with the art style right out of a digital comic book. In fact, the entire game feels like a motion comic. The movements and animations are a bit easy and flow with excellent clarity, giving you an excellent presentation. This also transfers into the gameplay mechanics quite nicely, as you are required to respond to the animations and match the attack elements, timing, and more.

World of Demons is also filled with oriental mythology, folklore, and the art of calligraphy, giving this game an ancient Japanese atmosphere. Platinum Games reached a rather fine blend of action and fantasy on one side and tradition and folklore on the other with this title.

Welcome Hack & Slash

Although this style of action is already seen in some titles for mobile, World of Demons clearly intends to make an impact on the world and leave its mark. It plans on celebrating the genre with this highly attractive title and all that is left for us is to wait for it to be available worldwide to see if it is truly praiseworthy.