Worse Than Death Upcoming Game

Worse Than Death is a scary and emotional horror adventure

If you like horror games on mobile you probably heard about Home and its developer Benjamin Rivers. This creative horror game based on a narrative structure has been released on IOS way back in 2013, after the desktop and console release which was published the year before. A couple of years later along came the follow-up title, Alone With You, which has been released for PC and consoles only.  

Reivers is once again getting ready to publish his news game called Worse Than Death, which will arrive for the iOS devices, along with Switch, PS4, and Steam. The official description blurb says that this game is a “scary, emotional thriller about the high school reunion that goes horribly wrong.” The main character is Holly, a brave and smart young woman who returns home in order to face her past. Unfortunately, that doesn’t come out as planned, because Holly ends up facing a nightmare she could never imagine. Now she has to escape in order to survive and rescue her best friend Flynn from a mysterious, horrific force that is apparently after both of them. Additionally, she has to face unexpected and unpleasant truths about things she took for granted, like her hometown, her friends and even herself.

Worse Than Death

Some descriptions say that Worse Than Death is like an episode of X-Files combined with Riverdale’s dark melodrama, and it is quite apparent in the trailer, which mixed formidable comic-like illustrations and incredibly well-animated pixel art. Interesting enough, old illustrations were made on an iPad Pro, which is pretty fine. Another curiosity about this game is that the developer actually let players add elements to the storyline and lore before the launch. Namely, the fans have set up a Discord server in which they tell the story about a guy named Sam, a lovable bartender. Every week the people on the server vote about what will Sam’s next action be, and every outcome of those stories will become a part of the main story in Worse Than Death.

Concerning the specific release date, we still don’t have it, but it looks like it is not far away from now. We will certainly give you a heads up when we get our hands on more information about this game.