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Xbox Head Phil Spencer about the E3 Plans

Since Sony will be missing from this year’s E3 conference, Xbox head Phil Spencer had a lot to say about Microsoft plans in the recent Major Nelson podcast Ep. 633.

Spencer called the upcoming E3 2019 fun for Xbox and Microsoft, considering that their biggest competitor PlayStation won’t attend. This will be the first time in 24 years of E3 that Sony won’t participate since the company and its signature console will explore some new ways to connect to their fans in 2019. Instead of saving money, Spencer said that the internal decision is to go as big as they can with great content and presenting their plans for the future. However, Xbox head didn’t say anything about a possibility to present new console on E3 or maybe plans to have one in the perceivable future, even though there were rumors about disc-less Xbox One console back in November 2018.


The discussion then continued about the first-party developers and what they plan to do since Microsoft has a large network of those currently. According to Spencer, Microsoft will continue to grow its first-party developer base which will bring amazing things to customers and audience, pointing out that Ninja Theory, Playground and Rare work on some intriguing things.

“The real goal with the studios for me is to get a large enough studio base where we can delight and surprise ourselves and our fans with games, and it’s on a regular cadence, so we’re not always pinched to say ‘okay, well what can we announce?’,” said Spencer in the podcast. “Now we can say ‘what do we have to announce, and which of these things do we actually want to announce, and what do we want to let sit and percolate a little longer.’ It’s been a while since we were in that position with our internal studios.”

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It seems that Microsoft doesn’t waste any time to take over the audience of E3 2019 now that Sony is out of the picture. In 2018, Microsoft took over four studios and made a new one called The Initiative, as well as acquisition of two other studios Obsidian Entertainment an inXile Entertainment.

Therefore, E3 2019 will be exciting on many levels since probably other companies like Nintendo will take advantage of Sony’s absence from the conference. However, maybe this means that Sony is also cooking something big which requires all eyes on it and not to share attention with other companies. That is something we will certainly find out in the upcoming months.