Xbox live games coming to mobile


Microsoft and Gameloft have just made an announcement that they are developing their first ever mobile games that will be synchronized with Xbox Live versions as well. The Microsoft’s Xbox Live has been intertwining with Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS, for a while now, but never to this extent. The teased announcement came in March, but nobody seems to have predicted it will go this far.

Now, this announcement means that Microsoft is integrating its services for mobile phones for the first time. Namely, Dragon Mania Legends, Asphalt 9: Legends, and Asphalt 8: Airborne are the first three games that will do the honors of starting this union. The users will, once available, have the possibility of following these games on their mobile phones with pushed updates.

And, that’s not all. It will give the possibility of logging into an account on Xbox Live from the mobile device and being able to check the friends list, achievements, and use other features of the Xbox Live version. It is expected that this added feature that allows you to have your Xbox Live friends list available to you will improve the overall matchmaking system significantly. Further details are still unknown, as people are speculating that interface improvements are also mandatory at this point.