Xbox Project Scarlett

Xbox Scarlett is arriving next year and it looks powerful

Microsoft’s E3 presentation was perhaps, the most interesting one this year. There were plenty of major titles announced during it, but the announcement that got a lot of people on their feet was the one about next-gen Xbox console.

The new Xbox will be called Scarlett, but the name itself is not tied to one specific console, but to a whole next generation of Xbox consoles. Apparently, there will be two different consoles available, one which is more powerful, but also more expensive, and one that is more affordable, but with lower-end specs.

The next-gen Xbox will be approximately four times more powerful than Xbox One X. Apparently, it will feature a custom-made AMD Zen 2 CPU, Radeon RDNA Architecture and also GDDR6. Other than that, it will have an SSD, which will drastically improve the loading times in games, and it will also serve as virtual RAM. All of this will allow the console to run games up to 120 FPS with variable refresh rates, and it will also be able to run up to 8k resolution, which is somewhat similar to what Sony’s planning to implement for PS5.

Other than that, there are a couple of important things to mention. Next-gen Xbox console will fully support all of the existing Xbox One games (as well as the games from all previous Xbox consoles) and accessories, which is definitely a nice thing. It will also have a disc drive, allowing users to play physical discs.

However, the biggest thing was probably the release date announcement. The next-gen Xbox console will launch 2020 during the Holiday period. This means that we are about a year and a half away from getting our hands on this beauty. And if we take a look at previous release dates, both Xbox One and PS4 were released in November 2013, so it is safe to assume that Sony will most likely launch their console around the same time. In any case, Xbox Scarlett looks very promising, and hopefully, there will be more details about it soon.