Gears of War 5

Xbox will launch Gears 5 at the next Esports Business Summit

Xbox’s next Gears of War sequel, Gears 5, will be launched on the next EBS. Switching the date to match Esports Business Summit reportedly meant Xbox sped up things quite a bit and that’s not all. A showcase match will be taking place to support Gamers Outreach and everything will take place right in the familiar Hyper Esports Arena in Las Vegas.

In fact, this match is said to be kicking off the Esports Business Summit, which is held on September 10, in less than a month. Two of the best teams in the world from Gears, Reciprocity and Ghost Gaming, will play against each other, and the winner is set by the best-of-three. The match is supporting the custom Gamers Outreach Go Kart, which will be donating all the proceeds to a hospital still to be chosen.

Ghost Gaming comes from a Latin-American Gears Esports fanbase and it is comprised of Puerto Rican and Mexican players. They took 2nd place at the Gears 5 ELEAGUE Invitational recent event, held in July 2019.

Reciprocity is comprised of North American professional Gears of War players, which are at the very top of the esports scene. They took third place at the mentioned Gears 5 ELEAGUE Invitational after loosing to Ghost Gaming in July, 2019. This will be a chance for a rematch of sorts, where the teams can test each other’s metal once more and the visitors can have fun watching.

This Gamers Outreach competition in Las Vegas will see the unveiling of Gears 5. Xbox is a strong supporter of the cause and, as a part of the effort, they are planning to bring their games to hospitals all around the USA, and even further. The developers of Gears 5, The Coalition, are also a partner of the humanitarian cause and thus the idea for this HyperX Esports Arena manifestation in Las Vegas began. Mr. David Draser, the Gamers Outreach Development manager, had this to say:

“We have worked with their team in the past and are excited to reconnect again to support kids in hospitals. Through a gracious donation, The Coalition is funding a GO Kart, which will go to the hospital of choice for the winning team. It is a great opportunity to once again show what the gaming community can do!”

Chairman of Events at EBS, Mr. Chris Pursell, also added:

“Supporting Gamers Outreach continues to be a high priority for EBS, and we are honored to work with these teams and Xbox to support their cause. Gears 5′ looks terrific and will be a fantastic way to kick off this year’s show!”