Xiaomi Is Making Foldable Phone

Xiaomi foldable prototype shown by their CEO

This year will bring some groundbreaking innovation in mobile technology, thanks to the technology race between the major manufacturers. Two of the biggest innovations that are expected by users are 5G and foldable design. While 5G still needs a couple of more years to get off the ground and make visible changes to the market, foldable will appear as early as this year. We don’t think only about Samsung Galaxy F and its gaming iteration, but also the foldable models from Huawei, Xiaomi, Motorola, LG, and Oppo, who confirmed or at least heavily hinted that they are working on this innovative technology.

Xiaomi Dual Flex

As we all know there are more ways to do something, so most of these companies offer different kinds of implementation of foldable technology. After years of experiments and revisions, Samsung settled down with the in-folding design of Samsung Galaxy F, which we mentioned in an earlier article. On the other hand, Huawei plans a more complex and more convenient foldable product, with a wrap-around screen on the outside of its body. However, Xiaomi managed to trump them all, with its president and co-founder casualty revealing previously unseen foldable prototype, appropriately billed as “the world’s first double folding smartphone.”

Although it still isn’t ready for the commercial debut, is getting closer. Bear in mind that mass production of a foldable phone is not easy or cheap. To make a double folding phone work takes double the effort and ambition. Xiaomi said they’re co-developing this phone with undisclosed supply chain partner. However, Xiaomi created the design, folding mechanism, and MIUI adaptation from scratch.

Xiaomi Creating Foldable Smartphone

Xiaomi has yet to confirm the launch date of the device, it’s quite certain that the expected number of these phones, which will be probably called Dual Flex or Mi Mix Flex, won’t be very big. We were talking about a few thousand units, which is minor comparing to more than a million targeted by Samsung.

This phone is certainly an example of ambition and it will probably serve more like the example of the capability of Xiaomi than a commercial model. At least unless the process of making foldable phones becomes more affordable.