Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Review

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 – The Best Budget Fitness Tracker on the Market

The words budget and quality rarely go together in the same sentence, especially when tech merchandise is concerned, and yet Xiaomi’s latest model of the fitness tracker had managed to achieve just that – it is an extremely reasonably priced device that can easily match its far more expensive competition. Of course, we would expect nothing less from a company that already gave us a couple of great affordable fitness tools, but their new creation not only lives up to that legacy but it surpasses them in several important aspects, raising the quality standards bar for the Xiaomi devices of the next generation. 

Xiaomi Mi Band 3

As such, Xiaomi Mi Band 3 does all the things you would expect from a fitness tracker device with an admirable precision. Its basic function is to monitor your activity throughout the day for exercises such as walking, running, swimming and cycling, providing you with precise analytics focused on the number of steps you’ve taken, distance as well as the all-important total of the calories you’ve spent. Xiaomi Mi Band 3 also monitors your heart rate. In fact, this particular feature had been considerably improved in comparison to Xiaomi’s previous models, providing you with the constant real-time inflow of all the fluctuations in your heart rate using several main levels of the intensity (relaxed, light and intensive). Another major segment for anyone who’s interested in health and fitness is the quality of your sleep, which is also something that can be tracked with the help of Xiaomi Mi Band 3. Basically, if you wear this device during the night, it will automatically provide you with the report concerning the length and quality of your sleep, i.e. how much time have you spent sleeping, as well as all particulars about the time you spent in light and deep phase of your downtime. All those analytics can be easily accessed via a free Mi-Fit app, and Xiaomi Mi Band 3 also supports Google Fit platform.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 - The Best Budget Fitness Tracker

Design-wise, Xiaomi Mi Band 3 sports quite similar look as its immediate predecessor, with almost identical wristband aesthetics, consisting of sleek silicon strap which comes in several colors and oval-shaped display. However, although on the first look they appear pretty much identical, Xiaomi had introduced a number of improvements in the quality of the construction, as well as overall better performances. The latest Mi Band in the series now boasts a considerably larger OLED display with 0.78 inches (in comparison to the 0.42-inch screen of the previous model) and 128 x 80 resolution. Another improvement that’s not apparent at the first glance is the quality of the band itself. One of the flaws of the previous models was that they were known to lose their elasticity and wear out over time. That problem was solved up to a certain point with the new model, so even if some wear and tear are bound to occur with the strap of Xiaomi Mi Band 3, it’ll, at least, last you a bit longer. When you decide it’s time to say goodbye to your old band, you can easily and cheaply purchase replacements which also come in several colors.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3

The basic idea behind Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is that you’ll get affordable and reliable fitness tracking device, which could be active for hours on end. For that purpose, Xiaomi Mi Band 3 features a somewhat upgraded battery – instead of 70mAh, the battery capacity had been increased to 110mAh. Although that’s less than it might seem at the first glance because of the increased energy expenditure due to new and more powerful components, it is still rather impressive and Xiaomi Mi Band 3 can easily last more than 20 (in the standby mode, though) before you’ll be forced to recharge the battery.

Sleek, elegant, precise and functional, Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is the living proof that you can get a high-quality fitness tool at extremely affordable prices. Its price on the market slightly varies depending on the particular retailer, but on average it’s about $34, although, if you find a really favorable deal, it can be as low as $23.59.