Xiaomi is apparently making a big wind-up to launch a bunch of its new devices to Western markets this year, after a huge number of their products found their way onto the Eurasian Economic Commission’s website last month. All Xiaomi phones listed on the website are Xiaomi Mi 7 Lite, Mi S1, Mi S2, Mi S3, Redmi S1, Redmi S3, Mi Mix 3S, Redmi A1, Redmi A2, Redmi Note 6, Redmi Note 6S, Redmi Note 6S Prime, Redmi Note 6 Prime, Redmi 6 Plus and the Redmi 6A Plus.

If you read the list carefully you’ll notice something interesting. Apparently, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3S is there, but not the parent Mi Mix 3. Of course, that doesn’t mean Xiaomi will skip this device, but it does come as a surprise to see it left out. We’re pretty sure Mi Mix 3 is at least in development, since we’ve already seen design leaks of it, thanks to the Concept Leaks website.

Currently, there are a lot of rumors surrounding Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, and they have various levels of credibility. Let’s remind you, not all rumors about Mi Mix 2 ended up being true, especially those about battery life. Nonetheless, the battery in Mi Mix 2 was a significant, attractive upgrade on its predecessor. Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 2 lept onto the scene with poise – we praised its 18:9 aspect ratio screen and stunning bezel-free design. Nine months passed since Mi Mix 2 launched and our eyes are already on its successor, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3. It might seem a bit too early to discuss this device, because we’re not going to see for a few months, but that never stopped us from gathering the rumors to keep us interested.

Xiaomi steadily opens for European markets. After launching in Spain last year, which was their first official launch on European soil, they signed a partnership with UK-based companies to bring its handsets to the British Isles. Until then, you could only import Xiaomi devices from third-party retailers. The news about the partnership with UK followed after the claims that Xiaomi is set to launch the world’s biggest IPO (initial public offering) since 2014, reportedly with the goal to raise 10 billion dollars, which would increase the value of the company to an incredible 100 billion dollars. With this in mind, here is what we know so far about the Mi Mix 3 release date, price, specs and more.

The original Xiaomi Mi Mix was announced in December 2016, and its successor Mi Mix 2 in October 2017. Based on this pattern of releases, we’d expect the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 release date to be in the Fall of this year; September at the earliest, but more realistically October 2018. A while yet, but then again, you know what they say about good things. Xiaomi will probably showcase the phone in September, and start to ship it the next month.

Design wise, we may have had the first glance of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, or at least its rear, thanks to Concept Leaks photos. The leaked image shows a smooth black panel with space for what appears to be a vertical dual rear camera, as well as a central fingerprint scanner. Compared to previous models, the leaked handset has notably more rounded corners. We reckon Xiaomi will keep the bezel-less display it has become famous for, meaning many of the upgrades are likely to be internal, including the battery, camera specs, and chipset. Leaks regarding the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3’s features have been scarce and not very reliable, and the previous models have been relatively well received, so it’s unlikely Xiaomi will fix something that works fine. Instead of predicting what the new features will be, we’d rather indulge ourselves with what we’d like to see featured in Mi Mix 3.

Xiaomi’s current phones aren’t waterproof, which is a decidedly useful feature we’d like to see appearing in its new flagship. There’s also an increasing demand for wireless charging in the smartphone market, something Xiaomi is yet to delve into. Also, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 lacked a 3.5mm headphone jack, something that is generally looked down on in reviews of that phone. However, it’s unlikely to return in the Mi Mix 3. There isn’t much to go on, specs-wise, this early in the development, although if we had to guess, we’d bet that the Xiaomi Mi Mix will feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset, with 6GB of RAM and up to 256GB of storage. In terms of its screen, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2’s gorgeous 5.99in, 18:9 display was so well received that we don’t expect the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will dare to deviate too far from it.

If Xiaomi keeps improving its Mi Mix series with the third installment, we might get an even better phone than Mi Mix 2 was. Hopefully, they will fix some flaws that plague Mi Mix brand and deliver us a supreme product that will find its place on the European mobile market.