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Y’bneth guide released

It’s been a while since Y’bneth release and finally, we had the time to finish off the guide for this stretching tree. One of the latest Arena of Valor heroes, Y’bneth’s towering presence is not to be ignored or easily handled.
There is a lot to be said about how to play Y’bneth and more in-depth guide with a bunch of tips and tricks can be found in HERE .
Few things can be said without going too much in detail:
-for starters, the champion is very durable. Being able to engage with some decent amount of shield from both 1st skill and Ultimate, coupled with sustain from simply entering the brush every 15 seconds, Y’bneth is not just dangerous to face against but almost impossible to outlast or push back to base.
-the second important note when facing Y’bneth is to be aware of how dangerous is his ultimate, (along with channel with relatively large radius).
Overall, this champion is well balanced between utility, toughness and a moderate amount of damage dealing potential, at the cost of being somewhat prone to kiting. Because of high versatility, he fits in a large number and variety of team compositions.
It feels like this champ is slightly overpowered in terms of sheer numbers, but it remains to be seen how it plays out over the course of few updates.